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U8231A MRBIII /U8224 (lab)

Box 35-1634 VU Station B 37235-1634

Research Keywords
biological rhythms,Cell cycle,Mouse,Neuroscience

Research Description
I have been an active scientist in the field of circadian rhythms, the study of the daily biological "clock", for over 20 years. I am primarily interested in a basic understanding of circadian phenomena in mammals. Recent progress in the cloning of circadian genes in mammals as well as the discovery of peripheral clocks (circadian clocks outside the central nervous system) has raised the intriguing possibility that altered circadian rhythms are involved in human disease. Therefore my interests have extended further into translational studies which are aimed at understanding circadian mechanisms involved in disease. I am also involved in the development of technology for noninvasive measurement of circadian gene expression rhythms from cultured tissues.

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