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MRB III, Room U5211, 465 21st Ave S, Nashville TN 37232

VU Station B, Box 35-1634, Nashville, TN 37235

Research Keywords
Chemotaxis, Cytokinesis, G-protein signaling, Polarity, Phosphoinositides, cAMP, Signal Transduction, Migration, Cancer, Dictyostelium, microfluidics, PDMS, FRET, Mass Spectroscopy, Intravital imaging

Research Specialty
Signaling mechanisms regulating cell migration and division and their relationship to cancer. Developing novel fluorescent techniques and microfluidic devices for live cell and animal imaging.

Research Description
Cytokinesis and cell migration are two processes that have been implicated in many disease states, including many forms of cancer. Research in my lab is focused on understanding how cells establish and maintain polarity during directed cell migration (chemotaxis) and also during cytokinesis (cell division). We have discovered that the underlying mechanisms regulating both processes are remarkably similar. In fact, the migration process likely biases the the same machinery regulating morphological changes which take place during cell division. Advanced techniques in fluorescence microscopy are being used to visualize these proteins and their localization under various conditions in the living cell and in living animals.

We use human cancer cell lines, neutrophils, mice and the social amoeba D. discoideum, an established model organism for these studies. Current projects include: 1) Exploiting the molecular and genetic advantages of D. discoideum by employing genetic screens and using proteomics techniques to identify proteins regulating polarity and motility. Once identified, we are pursuing the functions of these proteins in a number of wild-type and human cancer cell lines; 2) Investigate, using several sophisticated microscopy techniques, the signaling and cytoskeletal events that regulate motility and cell polarity. We are particularly interested in the influence of the plasma membrane phosphoinositides on the cytoskeleton; 3) Study the regulation of the heterotrimeric G protein cycle, utilizing a novel in vivo FRET-based assay; 4) Develop new techniques for imaging cells in vitro and in living animals (intravital imaging). We are taking advantage of our ongoing collaborations in the department of Physics, Cancer Biology and at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

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Postdoctoral Position Available

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I am currently accepting applications for postdocs. Postdocs interested in phosphoinositide signaling (in relation to cell polarity) or intravital imaging should apply. Send applications to chrisjano15 at

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