Gerald Stubbs , D.Phil.
Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus

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5260-A MRB III

Box 1634-B 37235

Research Keywords
x-ray fiber diffraction, cryo-electron microscopy, protein structure, structural biology, prion structure, amyloid structure, virus structure

Research Description
Although I am not currently taking new students, my laboratory maintains a vigorous program of research into the structures of filamentous biological assemblies such as amyloids and viruses.

Knowing the detailed three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules and assemblies is essential to an understanding of their functions, including control of their activity. We are studying the molecular structure of prions and other amyloids, as well as filamentous plant viruses. We use x-ray fiber diffraction, cryo-electron microscopy, and other biophysical methods of structure determination.

Prions are responsible for such diseases as Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and "mad cow disease"; they are infectious amyloids, misfolded proteins with no nucleic acid component. It is now widely recognized that the amyloid peptides associated with many diseases, especially neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, should be understood as prions. We obtained the first diffraction data from mammalian prions, and we are developing structural models for these and several other amyloids. In studies of the mammalian prion protein PrP, the Alzheimer's-associated peptide A-beta, the fungal prion HET-s, and others, we have shown that prion self-propagation requires an obligatory level of structural complexity beyond simple generic amyloid structures.

We determined the structure of tobacco mosaic virus at 2.9 A resolution in the 1980s. This enabled us to understand the mechanism of control of assembly of this virus. Through collaborations with molecular geneticists, we designed and studied mutations of the virus that affect viral assembly, disassembly, transport and host defense mechanisms. We studied several viruses related to TMV, as well as a number of more flexible viruses, particularly those in the potexvirus, potyvirus, and closterovirus groups. We showed that flexible filamentous plant viruses all share common structural features; these data have important implications both for basic understanding of viral structure and evolution, and for agriculture and biotechnology.

We have developed new methods in fiber diffraction, particularly for use in disordered filamentous assemblies.

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