Terry L. Page , Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus
Research Professor of Biological Sciences

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Phone Number: (615) 343-1853

Email Address: terry.l.page@vanderbilt.edu

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Office Address   Mailing Address

8260 MRB III

8260 MRB III, 465 21st Ave South 37232

Research Keywords
Neurobiology, circadian rhythms,Neuroscience

Research Specialty
Neurobiology of circadian rhythms

Research Description
I am interested in understanding the mechanisms by which circadian oscillators (biological clocks) in the nervous system regulate daily rhythms of behavior. My current research utilizes invertebrate preparations as model systems to investigate specific questions about the development, anatomy, and physiology of biological clocks. In the cockroach, I have developed a relatively complete description of the anatomical organization of the circadian system so that for example, we know quite precisely where the clock is located in the nervous system. I am currently using that information as a foundation to explore a variety of additional specific questions about the physiology and function of the circadian system. One area we have just begun to focus on is the regulation of olfactory sensitivity by the circadian system. Insects rely heavily on olfaction for directing a variety of behaviors including reproductive behavior, foraging, and intra-specific competition. We have found that there is a circadian rhythm of sensitivity to stimulation by various odors in the cockroach antennae. We are beginning to investigate the physiological and molecular basis for the rhythm and to ask questions about its functional significance.

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