Dean P. Whittier , Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus

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206 Buttrick Hall

Research Specialty
Early development in Pteridophytes

Research Description
My research interests presently involve gametophytes of ferns and fern allies, that are non-photosynthetic, subterranean, and mycorrhizal. These gametophytes are totally dependent on internal mycorrhizal fungi for their organic nutrition. Axenic culture is being employed to determine how spore germination and gametophyte development can be accelerated. Efforts are underway to define the specific contributions of the mycorrhizal fungi to the gametophytes. Gametophytes from culture without the mycorrhizal fungi and gametophytes from nature with the mycorrhizal fungi are being examined for structural differences. Mature gametophytes are raised to investigate sexual reproduction and young sporophyte development in these pteridophytes.

Whittier, D.P. and J.E. Braggins. Observations on the mature gametophytes of Phylloglossum (Lycopodiaceae). American . Journal of Botany , , , 2000.

Spore germination and early gametophyte development in Stromatopteris. American Fern .. Whittier, D.P, and J.-C. Pintaud. Journal , 89, 142-146, 1998.

Maden, A.R., D.P. Whittier, D.J. Garbary, and K.S. Renzaglia. Ultrastructure of the spermatozoid of Lycopodiella lateralis (Lycopodiaceae).. Canadian Journal of Botany , 75, 1728-1738, 1997.

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