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Primary Faculty
Academic Interest
Abbot, Patrick
Associate Professor Social evolution, insect-microbe interactions, molecular evolutionary genetics.
Baskauf, Steven
Senior Lecturer Biodiversity imaging and teaching pedagogy.
Benson, Amanda R.
Senior Lecturer Population Genetics, Plant Biology, Evolution and Conservation biology, and I am very interested of the interface of science and society.
Bordenstein, Seth
Associate Professor Centrality of microbes in biology, Evolution and applications of microbes (genomics, antibiotics and vector control), Universality of maternal microbial transmission (including humans), Phylosymbiosis
Broadie, Kendal S.
Named Professor
Capra, John Anthony
Assistant Professor I compare genomes to study recent human evolution and disease.
Catania, Kenneth C.
Named Professor Neurosciences and Behavior/Animal Sensory Systems
Due-Goodwin, Ava Denise
Senior Lecturer Research interests: island biogeography, arthropod biology, community (desert) ecology, interests in biodiversity issues.
Eichman, Brandt F.
Friedman, Katherine L.
Associate Professor Maintenance of chromosome ends by telomerase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Funk, Daniel J.
Associate Professor Speciation; ecological specialization; phylogenetic diversification; molecular evolutionary genetics; herbivorous insect biology, ecology, and evolution
Graham, Todd R.
Professor Protein transport and membrane biogenesis
Hillyer, Julian F
Associate Professor Mosquito immunology and physiology; host-parasite interactions.
Jackson, Lauren Parker
Assistant Professor
Johnson, Carl H.
Professor Cellular and Molecular Biology of Biological Clocks
McMahon, Douglas G.
Professor Molecular neurobiology of the visual, circadian, and serotonergic systems and their interactions.
Mori, Tetsuya
Research Assistant Professor
Nordman, Jared
Assistant Professor Genome duplication and stability in the context of development
Patel, Maulik R.
Assistant Professor Genomics and evolution. Genetic conflicts involving 'selfish' mitochondria and their disease consequences.
Patton, James G.
Professor Regulation of gene expression at the RNA level
Pitts, Ronald Jason
Research Assistant Professor Chemosensory biology of disease vector mosquitoes.
Rokas, Antonis
Associate Professor Phylogenetics, Molecular Evolution, Molecular Foundations of Multicellular Transitions, Evolution of the Fungal Lifestyle
Singleton, Charles K.
Professor Cell-cell and cell-environment signaling during development.
Stubbs, Gerald
Research Professor
Woelfle, Mark A.
Senior Lecturer Molecular mechanisms and adaptive significance of circadian clocks in cyanobacteria
Zwiebel, Laurence J.
Professor The comprehensive study of olfaction and olfactory-based behaviors in malaria and other disease vector mosquitoes


Secondary Appointment

Academic Interest
Hutson, Michael Shane
Professor Mechanics of Drosophila embryogenesis; laser-microsurgery; laser-tissue interactions.
Miller, David M.
Professor development of the nervous system
Page, Terry L.
Research Professor Neurobiology of circadian rhythms


Emeritus Faculty

Academic Interest
Bogitsh, Burton J.
Professor Emeritus
Carter, Clint E.
Professor Emeritus Parasite Immunology and Biochemistry
LeStourgeon, Wallace M.
Professor Emeritus Molecular mechanisms of RNA splicing
Page, Terry L.
Research Professor Neurobiology of circadian rhythms
Stubbs, Gerald
Research Professor
Whittier, Dean P.
Professor Emeritus Early development in Pteridophytes
Williams, Robley C.
Professor Emeritus Molecular biology of the cytoskeleton: microtubule dynamics and the chaperoned folding of tubulin.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Academic Interest

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