Total number of Faculty: 14
List of the Faculty participating in IGP and QCB at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Faculty Name
Primary Position
Research Area
Haase, Volker H.
Medicine Cellular and molecular mechanisms of oxygen sensing in health and disease.
Hadjifrangiskou, Maria
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology We study virulence mechanisms of bacterial pathogens causing urinary tract infections
Hamm, Heidi E.
(615) 343-9536
Pharmacology Structure, function and interactions of G-protein coupled receptors, Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction, Vascular Biology
Harrison, David G.
Medicine Inflammation, hypertension, immune activation
Hasty, Alyssa H.
322-5177 (office) / 322-5972 (lab)
School of Medicine Obesity-related increases in adipose tissue macrophages leading to inflammation and insulin resistance.
Hatzopoulos, Antonis K.
(615) 936 5529
Heather, Pua H.

Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Hiebert, Scott W.
Biochemistry Molecular Mechanisms of Acute Leukemia, cell cycle control, and the action of tumor suppressors.
Hillyer, Julian F
N/A Mosquito immunology and physiology; host-parasite interactions.
Hodges, Emily C.
Biochemistry DNA methylation and non-coding gene regulatory variation in evolution, development and disease
Hohman, Timothy J.

Hong, Charles C.
Houghton, Jacob L.

Radiology and Radiological Sciences
Hutson, Michael Shane
Physics Mechanics of Drosophila embryogenesis; laser-microsurgery; laser-tissue interactions.