Total number of Faculty: 9
List of the Faculty participating in IGP and QCB at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Faculty Name
Primary Position
Research Area
Page-McCaw, Andrea
Cell and Developmental Biology Cell-extracellular interactions: cell signaling, extracellular matrix, and mechanical signaling.
Palmeri, Thomas J.
(615) 343-7900
Psychology human learning and memory, perceptual categorization, conceptual representation, computational modeling, functional brain imaging
Patel, Sachin
936 7768
N/A Our research program focuses on the role of endocannabinoids in stress-induced neuroadaptation.
Patel, Maulik R.
Biological Sciences Genomics and evolution. Genetic conflicts involving 'selfish' mitochondria and their disease consequences.
Patton, James G.
(615) 322-4738
Biological Sciences Regulation of gene expression at the RNA level
Penn, John S.
(615) 936-1485
School of Medicine
Philip, Mary

Phillips, Elizabeth

Powers, Alvin C.
Medicine Pancreatic Islet Biology, Vascularization, Development, Regeneration, and Imaging; Diabetes