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Research Keywords
Developmental biology, Stem cell biology, Genetics, Cell signaling, Signal transduction, Cell fate determination, Cancer, Mouse knockouts and transgenics, Embryonic stem cell differentiation, Organ cultures, Liver regeneration, Liver disease, Notch pathway

Research Description
The goal of our lab is to explore how intercellular signaling pathways are integrated in both developmental and disease responses of the liver. The information gained from these studies will provide the framework to compare aspects of liver development to the process of liver regeneration. We are initially examining the role of the Notch intercellular signaling pathway in coordinating cell fate decisions during liver development and regeneration. Possible rotation projects are:
1. Determine the cell lineages that require Notch signaling to support liver progenitor/stem cell proliferation and morphogenesis during liver development and/or following adult liver injury.
2. Determine the relationship between patterning of the intrahepatic bile duct system and the vascular systems of the liver during development and regeneration.
3. Identify the cell lineages that activate Notch1 during adult liver regeneration.
4. Determine if chronic loss or activation of Notch signaling affects Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) progression.

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