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Porter, Ned Allen, Ph.D.
Research Professor of Chemistry
Centennial Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Professor of Biochemistry

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Academic history
B. S. Ch. E., Princeton University
Ph. D., Harvard University

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Stevenson Center 7962

VU Station B 351822

Research Keywords
Mechanistic and synthetic organic chemistry, Free Radicals and Lipid Peroxidation,Biochemistry,Spectroscopy,Toxicology

Research Specialty
Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry

Research Description
.Most of our research has centered on the study of free radical reactions. Areas of interest include: Mechanism of the free radical reactions of natural products such as lipids and phospholipids with molecular oxygen; mechanism and utility of free radical reactions in the construction of new substructures; and the control of stereochemistry in free radical additions, including polymerization, reactions in aggregates, such as micelles and membrane bilayers, and enzyme photoactivation.

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