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Balko, Justin
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Bhola, NE, Balko, JM, Dugger, TC, Kuba, MG, S??nchez, V, Sanders, M, Stanford, J, Cook, RS, Arteaga, CL. TGF-?? inhibition enhances chemotherapy action against triple-negative breast cancer. J Clin Invest, 123(3), 1348-58, 2013

Young, CD, Pfefferle, AD, Owens, P, Kuba, MG, Rexer, BN, Balko, JM, S??nchez, V, Cheng, H, Perou, CM, Zhao, JJ, Cook, RS, Arteaga, CL. Conditional loss of ErbB3 delays mammary gland hyperplasia induced by mutant PIK3CA without affecting mammary tumor latency, gene expression or signaling. Cancer Res, 2013

Balko, JM, Arteaga, CL. Molecular signatures of lung cancer: defining new diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms. Mol Diagn Ther, 16(1), 1-6, 2012

Balko, JM, Cook, RS, Vaught, DB, Kuba, MG, Miller, TW, Bhola, NE, Sanders, ME, Granja-Ingram, NM, Smith, JJ, Meszoely, IM, Salter, J, Dowsett, M, Stemke-Hale, K, Gonz??lez-Angulo, AM, Mills, GB, Pinto, JA, G??mez, HL, Arteaga, CL. Profiling of residual breast cancers after neoadjuvant chemotherapy identifies DUSP4 deficiency as a mechanism of drug resistance. Nat Med, 18(7), 1052-9, 2012

Balko, JM, Mayer, IA, Sanders, ME, Miller, TW, Kuba, MG, Meszoely, IM, Wagle, N, Garraway, LA, Arteaga, CL. Discordant cellular response to presurgical letrozole in bilateral synchronous ER+ breast cancers with a KRAS mutation or FGFR1 gene amplification. Mol Cancer Ther, 11(10), 2301-5, 2012

Balko, JM, Miller, TW, Morrison, MM, Hutchinson, K, Young, C, Rinehart, C, S??nchez, V, Jee, D, Polyak, K, Prat, A, Perou, CM, Arteaga, CL, Cook, RS. The receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB3 maintains the balance between luminal and basal breast epithelium. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109(1), 221-6, 2012

Balko, JM, Arteaga, CL. Dead-box or black-box: is DDX1 a potential biomarker in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat, 127(1), 65-7, 2011

Balko, JM, Black, EP. Do the genes tell us the path of most resistance. Cancer Biol Ther, 11(2), 213-5, 2011

Fox, EM, Miller, TW, Balko, JM, Kuba, MG, S??nchez, V, Smith, RA, Liu, S, Gonz??lez-Angulo, AM, Mills, GB, Ye, F, Shyr, Y, Manning, HC, Buck, E, Arteaga, CL. A kinome-wide screen identifies the insulin/IGF-I receptor pathway as a mechanism of escape from hormone dependence in breast cancer. Cancer Res, 71(21), 6773-84, 2011

Ghosh, R, Narasanna, A, Wang, SE, Liu, S, Chakrabarty, A, Balko, JM, Gonz??lez-Angulo, AM, Mills, GB, Penuel, E, Winslow, J, Sperinde, J, Dua, R, Pidaparthi, S, Mukherjee, A, Leitzel, K, Kostler, WJ, Lipton, A, Bates, M, Arteaga, CL. Trastuzumab has preferential activity against breast cancers driven by HER2 homodimers. Cancer Res, 71(5), 1871-82, 2011

Miller, TW, Balko, JM, Arteaga, CL. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and antiestrogen resistance in breast cancer. J Clin Oncol, 29(33), 4452-61, 2011

Miller, TW, Balko, JM, Fox, EM, Ghazoui, Z, Dunbier, A, Anderson, H, Dowsett, M, Jiang, A, Smith, RA, Maira, SM, Manning, HC, Gonz??lez-Angulo, AM, Mills, GB, Higham, C, Chanthaphaychith, S, Kuba, MG, Miller, WR, Shyr, Y, Arteaga, CL. ER??-dependent E2F transcription can mediate resistance to estrogen deprivation in human breast cancer. Cancer Discov, 1(4), 338-51, 2011

Miller, TW, Balko, JM, Ghazoui, Z, Dunbier, A, Anderson, H, Dowsett, M, Gonz??lez-Angulo, AM, Mills, GB, Miller, WR, Wu, H, Shyr, Y, Arteaga, CL. A gene expression signature from human breast cancer cells with acquired hormone independence identifies MYC as a mediator of antiestrogen resistance. Clin Cancer Res, 17(7), 2024-34, 2011

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