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Harth, Eva M., PhD.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

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Phone Number: 615-343-3405

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Academic history
B.S., Friedrich Wilhelms University Bonn Germany
M.S., University of Zurich, Switzerland
PhD., Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research, University of Mainz, Germany
Postdoctoral Fellow, CPIMA Center of Polymeric Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies, Stanford University, Almaden Research Center, San Jose, Ca

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7619 Stevenson Center

VU Station B#351822 37235-1822

Research Keywords
polymeric therapeutics, multifunctional polymeric nanostructures, biomimics, molecular transporter, targeted drug delivery systems, bimodal imaging probes

Research Specialty
development of bioinspired nanoscopic polymeric materials establishing and implementing new achievements in targeted drug delivery and imaging

Research Description
The discrepancy between the progress in the development of highly potent drugs and the ability to administer these moieties selectively to reach their targets has given bio-nanotechnologies the highest prospective for future breakthroughs. We develop functionalized nanoobjects from suitable precursors, with the goal to provide versatile platforms for innovative vectors for therapeutics and imaging reagents in nanomedicine. The versatility of these systems is facilited by their functionality, nature of polymeric backbones and bioconjugation strategies. Polymeric architectures we are working with include bioinspired nanosponges in the 5-10nm range, starpolymers and degradable systems.


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