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Yankeelov, Thomas E., Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences
Professor of Cancer Biology
Professor of Physics
Professor of Physics
Ingram Associate Professor of Cancer Research
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

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Phone Number: (615) 322-8354

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AAA-3113 Medical Center North/VUIIS

1161 21st Avenue South MCN AA-1105 37232-2310

Research Keywords
cancer imaging, MRI, PET, biophysical modeling

Research Specialty
Dr. Yankeelov develops advanced imaging methods for the characterization of human tumors.

Research Description
The requirement to study cancer in its native environment has lead to the development of imaging technologies that can non-invasively and quantitatively interrogate both primary and metastatic disease. This involves mathematical modeling, application of these models in small animal tumors systems, and ultimately applying the most promising techniques in human breast cancer. The overall goal of Dr. Yankeelov's research is to develop advanced imaging methods for the characterization of human tumors and to evaluate their role as potential surrogate biomarkers of treatment responses and tissue status for use in clinical trials and drug discovery.

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Please contact Dr. Yankeelov for both pre-clinical and clinical research opportunities in quantitative imaging of breast cancer.

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