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Tabb, David L., Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics

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Phone Number: (615)936-0380

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Academic history
B.S., University of Arkansas
Ph.D., University of Washington
Post-doc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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MRB III / Learned Lab U9211

465 21st Ave. S. Learned Lab / MRB III, room U9211 37232-8575

Research Keywords
bioinformatics, lipidomics, biomolecular fragmentation, data mining, biomolecular identification,Mass spectroscopy,Proteomics

Research Specialty
Identification of peptide or lipid mixtures via tandem mass spectrometry.

Research Description
Tandem mass spectrometry provides sensitive, high-throughput data from complex mixtures of biomolecules. Individual spectra (ms/ms) show the fragments produced by fragmenting an individual peptide or lipid. Bioinformatic tools reveal the sequences of peptides or the composition of lipid species by analyzing the fragment ions in each spectrum. Likewise, data mining tools assemble the results for collections of spectra to give a higher-level characterization of samples. My laboratory is focused on the creation and improvement of tools to propel systems biology via mass spectrometry.

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Postdoctoral Position Available

Postdoctoral Position Details
A postdoctoral position to develop new algorithms for proteomic tandem mass spectrometry is available immediately. A Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, or a related field is required. Programming experience and exposure to statistics and mass spectrometry are preferred. Please send curriculum vitae and names of three references to:
David L. Tabb
Mass Spectrometry Research Center
Learned Lab / MRB III U9211
465 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37232-8575

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