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Nagathihalli, Nagaraj S, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Surgery
Research Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology

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Phone Number: 615-343-8401

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Academic history
MS, University of Mysore, India
PhD, University of Mysore, India
Postdoc, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Instructor, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA

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D2300 MCN

1161, 21st Ave S., D2300 MCN, Division of Surgical Oncology, Nashville, TN 37232

Research Keywords
Pancreatic cancer, Molecular targets, Therapeutics, Drug resistance, Tumor microenvironment, DNA damage, DNA repair, Genomic instability, Genomics, Proteomics, Microarray, Apoptosis, Signal transduction, Oncogenes, Nutrition and Cancer, Receptor signaling, Tyrosine phosphorylation, Knockout, Mouse, Biomarkers, Drug delivery, Molecular imaging

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