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Prince, Lawrence S, MD, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics

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Phone Number: 322-6220

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Academic history
BS, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham
MD, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Postdoctoral training, University of Iowa College of Medicine

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9425C MRB IV

9435-A MRB IV 37232-0493

Research Keywords
inflammation, branching morphogenesis, cell-matrix interactions, toll-like receptors, vascular development, transgenic reporters, live cell microscopy,Developmental biology,Immunology,Mouse,Pulmonary,Stem cells,Transcription factor,Vascular Biology

Research Description
Disruption of normal lung development causes disease in many children. Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms leading to bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a common complication of preterm birth. Exposure to inflammation during early stages of lung development leads to BPD. We focus much of our work on how inflammatory signals can interfere with normal lung morphogenesis. One project studies how Toll-Like Receptor signaling inhibits FGF-10 expression in the lung mesenchyme. FGF-10 is a critical growth factor for lung development, and is reduced in patients with BPD in addition to mice exposed in utero to inflammation. We are using many different approaches to understand how inflammatory cytokines and specific signaling pathways can regulate FGF-10 expression. By using the Cre-Lox system in transgenic mice, we are deleting components of inflammatory signaling pathways in specific cell types in mouse lungs to examine how they regulate FGF-10 expression and lung branching morphogenesis. We are also developing several novel transgenic mouse reporter models to determine the fate of specific cell types during normal and abnormal lung development. By using live-cell and live-tissue microscopy, we can image cellular movement, membrane dynamics, and matrix interactions in real time. These approaches are giving us new insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms occurring during lung development.

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We currently have postdoctoral positions available in our lab. If interested in our research, please send a c.v. and the names of 3 references to Lance.

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