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Dahlman, Kimberly Brown, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology

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Phone Number: 615-936-6589

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Academic history
BS, Lafayette College
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

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722 Preston Research Building

Vanderbilt University 771 Preston Research Building 37232

Research Keywords
Translational Research, SNaPShot, Genotyping, Sequencing, Blood, Tumor, Clinical Research,Chromosome,Genetics,Genome,Genomics,Human Genetics,Malignancy,Mutation

Research Description
The mission of the Innovative Translational Research Shared Resource (ITR) is to advance the translation of basic and clinical research into improved clinical therapies by facilitating clinical discoveries and managing laboratory and clinical data exchange between researchers. The ITR is part of the Personalized Cancer Medicine Initiative that aims to tailor cancer therapies to each cancer patient by characterizing the molecular changes present in an individual's tumor, building a treatment regimen based on those changes, and monitoring the response to those therapies at the molecular level. The laboratory is collaborating with clinical and laboratory investigators at VICC to guide the initiation and completion of pre-clinical research and Phase I and Phase II correlative studies in melanoma, leukemia, lymphoma, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, graft versus host disease, and breast, pancreas, and lung cancer. The ITR is preparing and housing DNA and RNA from human tumors and blood cells for genetic analysis utilizing Vanderbilt Shared Resources or outside resources. The laboratory is investigating tumor genome alterations by PCR and sequencing, SNaPShot genotyping, whole genome or transcriptome sequencing, microarray, DNA methylation, and gene copy number analysis. In addition, the laboratory is preparing, collecting, and storing whole blood for serum cytokine assays to measure target inhibition, tumor response, and side effects of clinical compounds.

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