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Friedman, David B., Ph.D.
Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Biochemistry

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Phone Number: 343-7333

Email Address: david.friedman@Vanderbilt.Edu

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Academic history
Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
B.S., University of California

Office Address   Mailing Address

9114C Medical Research Building III

9160 MRB III 465 21st Ave. S. 37232-8575

Research Specialty
Proteomics; differential protein expression and protein/peptide mass spectrometry.

Research Description
Proteomics is the study of the dynamic protein expression of a tissue, cell type or organism. As an Associate Director of the Proteomics Laboratory in the Mass Spectrometry Research Center from 2001-2012, I directed research and technology that targets differential protein expression upon various experimental treatments/conditions (2-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis; 2D DIGE), protein identification using tandem mass spectrometry from proteins isolated from polyacrylamide gels or in complex mixtures, characterize and map sites of protein post-translational modification using tandem mass spectrometry, and quantify relative protein abundance by selected/multiple reaction monitoring tandem mass spectrometry.

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