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Galloway, Robert Lee, Ph.D.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Emeritus
Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery

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Phone Number: (615) 343-8102

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Academic history
BSE, Duke University, Durham NC
ME, Virginia
Ph.D., Duke University, Durham NC
, Vanderbilt University

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5824 Science & Engr Building

5824 Science & Engr Building Box 351631 Station B 37240

Research Keywords
biomedical engineering, MRI, stereotactic surgery, neurosurgery, medical imaging, instrumentation

Research Specialty
Medical imaging and instrumentation

Research Description
In developing systems for interactive, image-guided surgery (IIGS), the Surgical Navigation Apparatus Research Laboratory (SNARL) is interested in every part of the process. This includes three-dimensional position tracking devices, the understanding of issues related to all forms of medical imaging, and appropriate intrasurgical display of surgical position and other information.
Current Projects Include:

1. Use of vascular imaging in image-guided surgery.

2. Incorporation of electrophysiology information, both stimulus response and passive monitoring, into IIGS.

3. Intraoperative imaging techniques such as endoscopy and intraoperative ultrasound.

4. New applications of IIGS techniques specifically in spinal surgery.

5. New applications of IIGS for the liver.

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