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1. Aldrich, Melinda

Thoracic Surgery
We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a background in Human Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics and/or Statistical Genetics for a post-doctoral position in the Aldrich Laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Research in the Aldrich lab is highly collaborative, with a focus on identifying genetic and environmental contributions to lung cancer and pulmonary-related traits, such as COPD, in racially diverse human populations. This position will involve advanced bioinformatics and statistical analysis of genome-wide association data, exome chip data, and microbiome sequencing data. Opportunities are available to develop pharmacogenetic projects, utilizing the Vanderbilt DNA biobank, and genetic epidemiology research projects in the Southern Community Cohort Study, a large study of medically underserved African Americans and European Americans. Opportunities are also available to participate in consortium-based studies. The successful applicant will also be expected to provide general computational support to ongoing studies in the Aldrich lab. We are multidisciplinary team of biostatisticians, clinicians, epidemiologists, and genetic epidemiologists. Job Requirements: - Ph.D. degree in the area of Genetic Epidemiology, Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics, and/or Statistical Genetics - Experience in manipulating large-scale genomic data and efficient utilization of computer clusters - Demonstrated knowledge and programming experience in UNIX, R, PYTHON and/or PERL - Familiarity and working knowledge of standard bioinformatics tools, packages, algorithms, and databases for the analysis of genetics data - Preferred experience in the analysis of data from traditional epidemiologic studies - Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to manage multiple projects - Highly motivated and committed to biomedical research Please send CV to Melinda Aldrich, Ph.D., M.P.H for more information: melinda.aldrich@vanderbilt.edu 10/26/16
2. Jacobson, David Aaron

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Positions in islet biology and electrophysiology are currently available. 06/21/16
3. Zinkel, Sandra S.

The Zinkel Lab in the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is seeking a highly-motivated individual to join our team to investigate the mechanism by which aberrations in Programmed cell death (apoptosis and programmed necrosis or necroptosis) drives bone marrow failure or leukemogenesis through modulating blood cell development, hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell function, and the bone marrow microenvironment. Our work focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death determination to identify and test targets for therapeutic intervention. The successful candidate will have a PhD and/or MD with experience in molecular and cellular biology and a solid publication record. Vanderbilt offers a highly collaborative research environment focused on interdisciplinary research. Please send a curriculum vita, the names of three references, and a letter describing your research interests to: Dr. Sandra Zinkel (Sandra.zinkel@vanderbilt.edu). 02/16/16
4. Bordenstein, Seth

Biological Sciences
The Bordenstein Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences and Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN is seeking passionate postdocs in the areas of bioinformatics, multi-omics systems biology, microbial ecology, host-microbe interactions, or bacteriophage therapeutics. Application deadline: until position is filled How to apply: send C.V., a letter of inquiry, three representative publications (if available), and contact information for three potential referees to: s.bordenstein@vanderbilt.edu More information about the Bordenstein lab can be found at our website. http://bordensteinlab.vanderbilt.edu Vanderbilt University campus is a National Arboretum located in the heart of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee. Known internationally as Music City USA, Nashville is also the home to professional sports teams, the Nashville Symphony, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, and numerous activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Nashville, Tennessee is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Education required: * PhD in bioinformatics, symbiosis, genetics, evolutionary biology or closely related fields. 02/09/16
5. El-Rifai, Wael

A post-doctoral position is available in Dr. El-Rifai Laboratory, laboratories of Surgical Oncology and Cancer Biology. The laboratory is well equipped with access to outstanding core facilities at the University of Vanderbilt School of Medicine and Cancer Center. University of Vanderbilt School of Medicine is one of the top academic institutes in the US. This position is to support ongoing work to investigate mechanisms of antioxidant response and redox regulation in gastric and esophageal tumorigenesis. We are highly interested in understanding the role of these mechanisms in sensitivity and resistance to conventional and targeted therapies in human cancers. Applicants should be highly motivated individuals who have a PhD and/or MD degree, extensive experience in molecular biology, and interest in cancer biology. A link to El-Rifai lab publications: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/wael.el-rifai.1/bibliography/40773073/public/?sort=date&direction=ascending Candidates with publications in peer-reviewed journals are strongly encouraged to apply. Send curriculum vitae, statement of research interest, and names and contact information of at least two references. 01/29/16
6. Fuhrmann, Sabine

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
A postdoctoral position is available in the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory of Sabine Fuhrmann at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute to study mammalian eye development and morphogenesis. Research in the lab focuses on tissue interactions and cellular signaling. One area of active investigation is the function of Wnt signaling and Rho GTPases in ocular morphogenesis. Details about current research can be found at https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/cdb/person/sabine-fuhrmann The lab moved recently and we look forward to a highly motivated, creative and passionate team member. Successful candidates must have a PhD in Life Sciences or equivalent with at least one first-author publication from their graduate work and strong research background in molecular, cell or developmental biology. To apply, email a brief cover letter describing research accomplishments and future research goals, current CV with list of publications, and contact information for 3 professional references to: sabine.fuhrmann@vanderbilt.edu 01/27/16
7. Wilson, John Tanner

Highly motivated candidates are sought for a postdoctoral fellowship position in the lab of Dr. John T. Wilson at Vanderbilt University. The Wilson Lab (www.wilsonlabvanderbilt.com) works at the interface of engineering and immunology to detect, treat or prevent disease through the design of novel molecularly engineered materials. The overall objective of this extramurally funded research project is to develop immunotherapeutic nanoparticles that generate anti-tumor immunity and immune memory through precise molecular reprogramming the tumor microenvironment. The successful applicant will contribute to the design and optimization of novel nano- and biomaterials, evaluate efficacy in murine models of cancer, and elucidate immunological mechanisms of therapy. He or she will join an interdisciplinary group that incorporates expertise in polymer science, nanotechnology, colloid and surface engineering, drug delivery, and immunobiology. Specific degree and experience requirements include: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (e.g., Immunology, Molecular/Cell Biology, Cancer Biology) or Engineering (e.g., Chemical, Biomedical Engineering). Experience with molecular/cell biology techniques, including qRT-PCR, flow cytometry, western blot, and ELISA. Experience with mouse models of cancer, particularly breast cancer and neuroblastoma, is highly desirable. Prior research experience and publications in cancer immunotherapy is desirable. Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to organize material for journal publications and grant submissions. Ability to train and supervise graduate and undergraduate students, and work well in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment. Good publication record as first author in major journals. US citizens or residents interested in academic careers and/or desiring to apply for an individual NIH postdoctoral fellowship will be given special attention and priority. Applications consisting of a cover letter, including a description of research experience, a complete curriculum vitae (including a complete list of publications), and contact information for three references should be submitted to Prof. John T. Wilson at john.t.wilson@vanderbilt.edu using the subject line "Postdoctoral position in the Wilson Lab." 01/18/16
8. Moore, Daniel J

We would welcome a highly motivated, energetic investigator to join our team and lead a translational project defining new models of human autoimmune disease. Experience in human immunology, mouse models of autoimmunity and diabetes, and methods in cellular and molecular immunology is highly desirable. 12/30/15
9. Lovly, Christine M

As of 03/04/2014: A postdoctoral position is immediately available to investigate mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies in human cancers. Applicants should be highly motivated individuals who have a PhD and/or MD degree, extensive background in molecular biology, and interest in cancer biology. Thank you for considering! 12/21/15
10. Lindsley, Craig W.

Postdoc position available - drug discovery/lead optimization. Develop small molecule screening leads into proof of concept compounds to validate new targets/mechanisms in animal models. Work closely with colleagues in pharmacology. Some organic chemistry experience is required. 12/17/15
11. Patel, Maulik R.

Talented postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply. Candidates will work on molecular, genetic, cell biological, and evolutionary aspects of mitochondrial DNA dynamics in C. elegans. Candidates seeking to develop their own research program at the intersection of mitochondrial biology and evolution are especially encouraged. 12/17/15
12. Velez Edwards, Digna

Obstetrics & Gynecology
We have multiple positions available. An ideal postdoctoral fellow (s) will have some experience conducting large-scale genetics analysis with a diverse data types such as GWAS data, whole exome chip data, or sequencing data (whole exome, genome, or targeted). Current disease-focused projects include studies of uterine fibroids, blood pressure traits, and cancer in racially diverse populations. A significant portion of the research conducted in our lab focuses on understanding the role of race and ancestry in genetic risk for complex disease utilizes large clinical databases that link clinical information to DNA. There are multiple opportunities to lead projects and to participate in large-scale consortium studies. The projected start date would be in late spring or early summer of 2015. 12/17/15
13. Cox, Nancy J

Post-doctoral Opportunity in Genetic Studies of Eye Diseases We are a seeking post-doctoral fellow with expertise in molecular genetic techniques and/or quantitative genomics to identify and then characterize genetic risk factors for human eye diseases. Candidates should possess skills in any of the following: use of -omics technologies, experience with validation studies in cell lines, mice or zebrafish, and the ability to mine results from genome studies in BioVU, the biobank at Vanderbilt University. This opportunity comes via the training program Quantitative Ocular Genomics and offers salary support, travel funds, and the opportunity to build a career in a stimulating research environment. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer 12/16/15
14. Cai, Qiuyin

Cancer epidemiology 12/15/15
15. Haase, Volker H.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
NIH-funded postdoctoral position: We are looking for highly motivated applicants, who would like to pursue a career in biomedical science and would like to work in a competitive field. A successful applicant will have excellent communication skills. Research projects include: a) characterization of mouse models of disrupted oxygen sensing, b) identification, functional and molecular characterization of HIF target genes involved in cellular metabolism and hypoxic injury responses, c) in vitro and in vivo investigations of HIF signaling in acute and chronic hypoxic injury. Rotation students will participate in ongoing projects and will be exposed to a broad spectrum of molecular techniques, as well as in vivo work. 12/13/15
16. Joyce, Sebastian

Microbiology & Immunology
For details visit us at: https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/joyce-lab/ Seeking an outstanding individual for a fully funded postdoctoral position in the Immunology Programme. Our research interests include the regulation of bacterial and viral protein antigen transport from the cytoplasm of infected cells into the endo-lysosomal vesicles for MHC class II-restricted antigen presentation to CD4+ T cells. We will take a systematic, multi-disciplinary approach--immunologic, cell and molecular biologic, biochemical, proteomics and genomics--to gain mechanistic insight into this process. Gaining this knowledge will have implications for understanding inflammatory diseases such as graft-versus-host disease and autoimmunity as well as in augmenting immunity through vaccine design to prevent or to treat infectious diseases and cancers. Qualified candidates should send their CV; a two/three-page statement of previous, current and future research interests and career goals; and at least three references by email to Sebastian Joyce. Salary commensurate with experience 12/11/15
17. Heerman, William John

The Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Team at Vanderbilt Children||s Hospital is seeking a post-doctoral fellow with training in learning sciences. We will be developing and implementing a novel approach to pediatric obesity treatment that is 1) community-based, 2) family-centered, and 3) focused on Latino families in Nashville, TN. This new curriculum will combine perspectives from the learning sciences with health behavior change theory. The applicant will collaborate with faculty from the Peabody School of Education and the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt. In this position, you will have an opportunity to independently direct and manage research activities. This will include curriculum writing, interventionist training, development of measurement tools, development of fidelity tools, and quality control. We anticipate using both qualitative and quantitative methods to develop the curriculum and to pilot-test the curriculum within the next 1-2 years. The applicant will also be expected to lead efforts for publication of manuscripts, and presentation at national meetings. Fluency in Spanish and experience working with the Latino community is preferred. Funding: The position is funded by the Department of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Coordinate curriculum design and implementation; Develop and implement the strategy for patient recruitment; Coordinate implementation of the research protocols; Maintain, organize, and help prepare data for analysis; Manuscript preparation; and Collaborate with senior faculty from Peabody College and from the Department of Pediatrics. Minimum Requirements: PhD in education, learning sciences, or a related field. Patient recruitment and research experience is strongly preferred. Candidate must have reliable transportation available because travel is expected between Vanderbilt office and local community partnerships. Candidate must possess the ability to multi-task, be extremely organized, efficient, detail oriented, a team player, and self-starter. Excellent communication skills and ability to function independently are also essential. Proficient computer skills with mastery of Microsoft Office as well as proficiency with a statistical analysis package (STATA, SPSS, R, etc.) are preferred. Additional information: This is a full-time position. Salary is dependent upon years of education and experience. Background screens will be performed and education will be verified prior to employment. Please be prepared to provide required information and/or documentation. If interested, please send cover letter and CV to colleen.ryan@vanderbilt.edu. 12/08/15
18. Southard-Smith, E. Michelle

Cell and Developmental Biology
We currently have an opening for one Postdoctoral Fellow. The funded studies focus on analysis of neural crest lineages and signaling pathways that affect these progenitors in the developing urogenital tract. Inquiries are welcome. 12/05/15
19. Brash, Alan R.

Dr Brash has immediate openings for postdoctoral fellows to study lipoxygenase structure/function and other mechanisms of oxygenation of polyunsaturated lipids. Recent publications exemplify the range of enzymological and mechanistic studies, and also work on the biological role of lipid oxygenases. For further information, applicants should submit electronically a C.V. & names of three references to: Alan R. Brash, PhD Email: alan.brash@mcmail.vanderbilt.edu Please include a short description of your own research and the reason for your interest in this opportunity. 11/23/15
20. Venters, Bryan

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Our laboratory is seeking a postdoctoral candidate who is interested in research that uses functional genomic approaches to investigate erythropoietin(Epo)-dependent gene regulatory pathways in erythroid differentiation. Suitable applicants must have experience analyzing next-gen sequencing data, use of command line bioinformatics tools, and preferably with programming experience with Python or Perl. To apply please send your CV, a brief description on why you are interested in the position, and names/contact info for 2-3 references to: Dr. Bryan Venters (bryan.venters@vanderbilt.edu) 11/16/15
21. Bowman, Aaron B.

2015-2016; Recruiting an enthusiastic well-trained postdoctoral fellow. Send CV and references to Aaron Bowman (aaron.bowman@vanderbilt.edu). Preference will be given to NIH training grant eligible applicants (US citizen or green card holder). Minority applicants encouraged. 11/09/15
22. Coffey, Robert J.

Medicine/GI; Cell and Developmental Biology
Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions are immediately available within the Vanderbilt University Epithelial Biology Center. The Center is dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of intra- and extra-cellular trafficking and signaling, establishment and maintenance of epithelial polarity, and role of intestinal stem cells in health and disease. Positions are immediately available in NIH-funded research programs to characterize gastrointestinal stem cells and their role in mouse and human neoplasia. Mouse work will be facilitated using newly developed compartment-selective Cre drivers; advance the recent discovery that EGF receptor ligands signal via exosomes and that mutant KRAS affects the protein and RNA composition and behavior of exosomes. Individuals with prior experience in exosomal trafficking and function, mouse modeling, trafficking in polarized epithelial cells, and/or high resolution microscopy are especially encouraged to apply. Salaries commensurate with previous training. Send CVs to Robert J. Coffey, MD, at robert.coffey@vanderbilt.edu 11/04/15
23. Georgiev, Ivelin S.

Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Postdoctoral Position in Computational Immunology, Georgiev Laboratory, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. The Georgiev Laboratory at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center (https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/ig-lab/) is opening a postdoctoral position in the area of computational immunology, with a focus on the development of computational methods for analysis of immune responses against viruses of biomedical importance. Applicants who meet the following requirements will be considered for the position: *Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, or a closely related field; *Proficiency in script writing in Perl/Python, Matlab, Mathematica, and/or R; *Proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages: Java, C, C++; *Prior experience in several of the following computational areas: - Computational immunology, - Antibody epitope prediction, - Statistical methods for Big data, - Phylogenetic analysis, - Machine learning, - Computational geometry, - Structural bioinformatics, - Structure-based antibody engineering; *Strong oral and written communication skills; *Clear sense of organization, purpose, and accountability. Interested applicants should send a current CV to Ivelin Georgiev, ivelin.georgiev@vanderbilt.edu . 11/04/15
24. Brown, Jonathan D.

The laboratory is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow to study transcriptional mechanisms controlling pathways of inflammation and metabolism relevant to cardiovascular disease. A major focus of the laboratory is to explore how chromatin and enhancers regulate gene expression that drives the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. The laboratory uses a suite of genome-wide experimental techniques, including ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and chromatin conformation in vitro and in vivo to probe transcriptional mechanisms and enhancer function in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. 11/03/15
25. Zheng, Wei

Multiple post-doctoral fellow and faculty positions are available to work on molecular, genetic, and nutritional epidemiology of cancer. 11/02/15
26. Newcomb, Dawn

Description: The laboratory of Dr. Dawn C. Newcomb invites applications for a post-doctoral position with training and experience in immunology and mouse models of disease. The ideal candidate will work within a dynamic, extramurally-funded, and productive laboratory focused on the role of sex hormones on innate lymphoid cells and T cells. Our laboratory uses cells from healthy individual and patients with asthma as well as mouse models. Required qualifications: -Ph.D. -Experience, knowledge, and a publication record in immunology or related field. -Experience with tissue culture techniques and/or animal models -Strong research, analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills. -Proactive and flexible demeanor with ability to effectively work in a team environment. -Ability to handle confidential patient information in a HIPPA-compliant manner -Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to develop meaningful collaborations Preferred Qualifications: -Experience with flow cytometry, ELISAs, western blotting, and real-time PCR -Experience in culturing primary cells from patients as well as mice -Experience in analyzing and confirming microarray, RNA-sequencing, or ChIP-sequencing data Please submit Inquiries or an application to Dawn Newcomb (dawn.newcomb@vanderbilt.edu) and include ???Post-doctoral Research Fellow Position??? in the subject line. The application packet should include: (1) cover letter which includes an outline of current research focus and relevant experience, successes and future directions, any mentoring/teaching experience, immigration status, and the names and complete contact information for three potential references, (2) curriculum vitae, and (3) ideal start date. 10/29/15
27. Li, Jun

The candidates should have a PhD degree with training in molecular genetics, alternatively in neurophysiology. Record of excellent publications is a prerequisite for this position. The candidate is expected to be independent and have good communication skill using English. Graduates from medical school with no research background are not encouraged to apply this position. Please send cover letter, CV and three references to Dr. Jun Li, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology. Email: jun.li.2@Vanderbilt.Edu. 10/28/15
28. Yankeelov, Thomas E.

Radiology and Radiological Sciences
Please contact Dr. Yankeelov for both pre-clinical and clinical research opportunities in quantitative imaging of breast cancer. 10/24/15
29. Wikswo, John P.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
EMD Millipore Research Associate in Automated Systems Biology With the support of EMD Millipore Bioscience, the Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education (VIIBRE) is seeking candidates for a research associate in either of the Departments of Physics & Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, or Molecular Physiology & Biophysics. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct both experimental and computational research as a part of a long-term project in the automated inference of mathematical models of metabolic and signaling dynamics of small populations of cells. Techniques being used include microfabricated bioreactors with optical, electrochemical, and mass spectrometric sensing, closed-loop control, microfluidics, numerical modeling, and bioinformatics. A doctoral degree in a related field is required. Apply at https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/724. Review of applications will begin on 1 July, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. VIIBRE is a transinstitutional initiative created in 2001 to foster and enhance interdisciplinary research in the biophysical sciences, bioengineering, and medicine at Vanderbilt University, integrated with a strong focus on undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral education. VIIBREa??s primary focus is the use of microfluidics and advanced analytical systems to instrument and control single cells and small populations of cells. Founded in 1873, Vanderbilt is a private, coeducational university with approximately 6,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate and professional students. Vanderbilt University is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action employer. Women and minority candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit our web site http://www.vanderbilt.edu/viibre or contact Prof. John P. Wikswo (please email both john.wikswo@vanderbilt.edu and cheryl.cosby@vanderbilt.edu). 10/22/15
30. Sebzda, Eric

Microbiology and Immunology
Two postdoctoral positions are currently available in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, at Vanderbilt University to study a unique aspect of chemokine receptor regulation in lymphocytes (Nature Immunology (2008) 9, 292-300). Studies are focused on addressing how the transcription factor, Kruppel-like factor 2 (Klf2), represses inflammatory chemokine receptor transcription while maintaining expression of homeostatic migratory receptors. As well, the laboratory is studying how aberrant naive T cell trafficking affects the immune system, both in terms of pathogen clearance and susceptibility to autoimmune disorders. Applicants should possess a PhD or MD/PhD in Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology or a related field. Candidates applying for the Molecular Immunology position should be proficient in molecular biology techniques including protein purification, Westerns, gel-shift assays, transcription reporter assays, and RT-PCR. Candidates applying for the Cellular Immunology position should be adept at cell culture techniques, flow cytometry, and analysis of primary mouse lymphocytes including proliferation, cytokine, and cytolytic assays. Experience working with transgenic and knockout mice is an asset for both positions. The successful candidates will gain experience in a number of cutting edge molecular and cellular biological techniques. Importantly, both projects have great potential to become independent research projects that would further ambitious, motivated postdoctoral careers. Please send a curriculum vita, names of three references, and a letter describing research accomplishments and career objectives to: Dr. Eric Sebzda Vanderbilt University Department of Microbiology and Immunology 1161 21st Ave. S MCN A5211 Nashville, TN 37232 10/15/15
31. Hasty, Alyssa H.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
The overarching goal of the Hasty Laboratory is to determine mechanisms by which obesity increases risk of metabolic disease. We are focused primarily on the role that resident and recruited immune cells play in adipose tissue function in the lean and obese states. We are seeking a highly motivated, energetic, creative thinking person to join our team as a postdoctoral fellow. Candidates with experience in general immunological techniques such as flow cytometry and/or familiarity with cellular iron handling will be given special consideration. Please contact Alyssa Hasty (Alyssa.hasty@vanderbilt.edu), providing your CV and contact information for individuals who will provide reference letters. 09/24/15
32. Major, Amy S.

no openings at this time 09/16/15
33. Sung, Hak-Joon

Postdoctoral Position (1-2 years) Available Key words- Stem Cell, In vivo work, and Biomaterials Dr. Hak-Joon Sung???s Lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee A postdoctoral fellow position is available for a highly motivated candidate with expertise in stem cells and their in vitro and in vivo applications with biomaterials, strong academic and publication records, and willingness to work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment. Successful candidate is expected to manage and conduct multiple grant-sponsored research projects and will learn a variety of techniques to access biomedical applications of biomaterials. Strong skills for biological evaluation of stem cells and in vitro/in vivo immune response with biomaterial implantation are required. Prior experience working as a part of a multi-disciplinary team, experience with animal surgery, and leadership to manage the lab are desirable. Funding from NSF, AHA and NIH is currently available for the initial appointment (1-2 years) with the possibility of a multi-year extension pending the work progress. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, or a related field by May 2016. Essential criteria: proficiency in stem cell biology/application, in vivo work, and biomaterials; willingness to learn biomaterial fabrication/characterization techniques; excellent communication skills and willingness to work in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hak-Joon Sung at 1-615-322-3756 or hak-joon.sung@vanderbilt.edu To apply for this position, please email: (i) a cover letter stating your interests and career goals, (ii) a detailed CV, and (iii) contact information for at least three references to Dr. Hak-Joon Sung at hak-joon.sung@Vanderbilt.edu. Vanderbilt University is an equal opportunity employer. 09/09/15
34. Stafford, John Michael

We are interested in recruiting an experienced animal physiologist and molecular biologists. Our studies involve exposure to techniques ranging from molecular biology to animal physiology. Experience with animal surgical techniques is not required but preferred. A research background in diabetes or lipid biology is required. Molecular biology experience is required, though training will be provided for specific techniques. Common techniques include: lipoprotein chromatography and lipid assays, western blots for protein, RT-PCR, cell culture, adenovirus purification. Ideal applicants will be: bright, enthusiastic, focused on work activities during working-hours, meticulous to detail and record keeping. A high level of independence, autonomy and intellectual collaboration is encouraged. Applicants must be NIH training grant eligible (US citizen or US permanent resident). For more information, please contact: John M. Stafford MD, PhD john.stafford@vanderbilt.edu 09/03/15
35. Wang, Jialiang

Neurological Surgery
Our laboratory has openings for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers and graduate students to study mechanisms that mediate therapeutic resistance in human cancers. 09/02/15
36. Becker, Jason R.

Postdoctoral position is available to study the genetic and molecular pathogenesis of myocardial hypertrophy and heart failure. 08/21/15
37. Wilson, Keith T.

Postdoctoral position available to study mucosal immunology, inflammation, and carcinogenesis. Expertise in molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, and/or biochemistry is highly desirable. 08/20/15
38. Lacy, D. Borden

Microbiology and Immunology
please inquire 08/19/15
39. Archer, Kristin R

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
A 2-year postdoctoral position in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is available for individuals with an interest in comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes. This PCORI-funded position is a collaboration between our laboratory and investigators at Johns Hopkins Medicine. We are comparing the effectiveness of two postoperative treatments in patients with lumbar degenerative conditions. A background in rehabilitation science, behavioral medicine, public health, epidemiology, clinical-translational, and/or health services research is desirable. Successful applicants will have experience in study design, the conduct of randomized trials, and working as part of a team, excellent communication skills, and strong quantitative skills. Candidates interested in the laboratory and our research should send a current curriculum vitae, a past research synopsis, and the names of 3 references to Kristin.archer@vanderbilt.edu. 08/17/15
40. Blind, Raymond D.

I am looking for postdoc candidates interested in biochemistry/structural biology as well as genomics and novel processes that occur in eukaryotic cell nuclei. Don||t worry if you don||t have publications - if you think my papers are interesting and sound like a project you think would be fun, just email me a cover letter and CV to ray.blind@vanderbilt.edu and we can take it from there! Ray 08/12/15
41. McGuinness, Owen Patrick

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
A postdoctoral position is available for a person interested in the regulation of liver and muscle metabolism in vivo. 07/27/15
42. Zaika, Alexander

Cancer Biology
Postdoctoral and Research Assistant positions are available. Individuals who have strong experience in cellular and molecular biology techniques and interest in cancer science are encouraged to apply. 07/24/15
43. Neuert, Gregor

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
We are seeking highly motivated, driven and curious recent graduates (not more then 2 years of postdoctoral training) with programing experience in Matlab, Python or R and with a strong background, proven record (first author publications) and rigorous training in one or more of the following areas: biophysics, cancer biology, computational biology, computational modeling, control and dynamical systems theory, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, single molecule biophysics, systems biology or yeast genetics. Please send an email with your CV, contact addresses of three references and a short description why you are interested in joining the lab. Applicants are encouraged to apply for individual postdoctoral fellowships. 07/02/15
44. Moslehi, Javid J.

A post-doctoral position is available in Dr. Moslehi||s laboratory to study the mechanisms of cardiotoxicity of novel targeted cancer therapies . Small laboratory animal models, biochemistry, molecular biology, and proteomics techniques are the main research approaches for these studies, complemented by human studies. The successful applicant will hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. with 2 years of post-doctoral experience. Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team is essential. The successful candidate should demonstrate excellent scientific communication, presentation and writing skills, and analytical problem solving skills, as well as a strong work ethic. 06/26/15
45. Macara, Ian G

Postdoctoral positions are available to work on several exciting projects associated with mammary gland morphogenesis, stem cells and breast cancer, epithelial polarization mechanisms, and on the linkage between septins and DNA repair. Applicants with strong publication records and experience working with mice and/or live cell imaging are encouraged to apply. 06/16/15
46. Nam, Young-Jae

A postdoctoral position is available for a highly motivated Ph.D., M.D.Ph.D., or Ph.D. candidate who will dedicate his/her postdoctoral study in the field of heart regeneration, stem cell biology and reprogramming. The projects involve in generating new heart muscle cells using reprogramming techniques in vitro and in vivo and investigating mechanistic basis of cardiac cell fate specification. Expertise in one or more of the followings are strongly preferred: mouse genetics, generation and differentiation of iPSC, isolation of ESC, electrophysiology and genome editing techniques. Please send CV and cover letter to young-jae.nam@vanderbilt.edu 06/10/15
47. Patel, Sachin

Positions in electrophysiology are available 05/27/15
48. Kuchtey, Rachel

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
A postdoctoral position is available at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville, TN, in the laboratory of Dr. Rachel Kuchtey. This position involves investigation of a novel mouse model of low tension glaucoma with reduced aqueous humor outflow facility but not elevated intraocular pressure. One aspect of the project focuses on aqueous humor outflow physiology using a state of the art perfusion system. The other aspect focuses on degeneration of retinal ganglion cell bodies and axons by techniques such as anteriograde and retrograde labeling. The project has a translational component investigating protective effects of a drug used to treat systemic hypertension. Vanderbilt Eye institute offers a highly collaborative and well-equipped environment. The ideal candidate would have training in eye research and possess excellent communication skills, though training could be provided to highly motivated candidates. Recent PhDs or advanced postdocs are welcome to apply. For further information, please email rachel.kuchtey@vanderbilt.edu. 05/11/15
49. Chen, Jin

A postdoctoral position is available for study the interaction between EphA2 RTK and Ras proteins in lung cancer. Recent PhDs who are US citizens or permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Please send CV and the contact information of three referees to jin.chen@vanderbilt.edu. 05/07/15
50. Colbran, Roger J.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Signal Transduction/Molecular Neuroscience. See main research description. I am interested in motivated applicants with relevant experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture and/or electrophysiology. Interested individuals should submit their curriculum vitae, along with names and addresses of three individuals willing to provide references on their behalf, to: Dr. Roger Colbran, Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232-0615. FAX: 615-322-7236. Email: roger.colbran@vanderbilt.edu. 05/05/15
51. Huke, Sabine S.

Various positions available for NIH funded project after 04/2015. 05/05/15
52. Balko, Justin

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellows to conduct multidisciplinary translational research on the cutting edge intersection of cancer biology, bioinformatics, and clinical research. All positions are currently filled, but we can always accept applications or CVs from outstanding candidates. The ideal applicant will have a strong translational background, with skills or proficiency in molecular biology, mouse models of cancer, and/or bioinformatic analysis of genomic data. Fellows with skills in any or all of the areas are encouraged to contact the PI. The fellow will have the opportunity to conduct in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo studies along these lines with a clear potential for patient impact, in a well-funded, publication-forward laboratory setting. The fellow will be expected to work independently, but will have the support of the cancer center resources including a strong multidisciplinary and collaborative environment. 04/28/15
53. Cover, Timothy L.

Postdoctoral position available to study the molecular pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection and mechanisms by which H. pylori infection leads to gastric cancer. Areas of interest in the laboratory include a broad range of topics, including investigation of two H. pylori toxins (VacA and CagA), investigation of a type IV secretion system encoded by the H. pylori cag pathogenicity island, regulation of H. pylori gene expression, and comparative genome sequence analysis of H. pylori strains isolated from patients with different disease states. Please send CV to Dr. Timothy L. Cover, Division of Infectious Diseases, A2200 Medical Center North, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232. Email: timothy.L.cover@vanderbilt.edu. 04/12/15
54. Cavanaugh, Kerri L.

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN KIDNEY DISEASE BEHAVIORAL, COMMUNICATION & EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH. This is an NIH-funded available position for a recent Ph.D. in behavioral, communication, psychology or epidemiology research. This research group is a member of the Vanderbilt Center for Kidney Disease and our major scientific goals are are to identify common and modifiable barriers to person-centered care, including communication between patients, their families and providers, drivers of optimal self-care, and system-level practices to promote the successful engagement of patients. In addition, we test various tools, training programs, and other strategies to enhance deliver of care in kidney disease to improve patient-centered outcomes. Finally, we develop novel survey instruments to rigorously measure psychological, behavioral and educational aspects of care. The candidate||s major commitment will be to research with either distinguished performance, or the promise of distinguished performance and independent extramural funded research. Experience in study design, the conduct of epidemiologic, clinical or translational studies, excellent communication skills, ability to work in a team, and strong quantitative skills including statistical programming are essential. If interested, please send a letter of introduction and interest, a curriculum vitae and names and telephone numbers of three references to: Kerri Cavanaugh, M.D., M.H.S, c/o Debbie Scott, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology & Hypertension, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 1161 21st Avenue South, MCN S-3223(E), Nashville, TN 37232-2372. Fax: 615-343-4704. debbie.scott@vanderbilt.edu 03/24/15
55. Peterson, Josh F.

The Department of Biomedical Informatics (http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/~dbmi) is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral position to conduct research within the field of genomic medicine implementation. The position is available immediately, will remain open until filled, and is funded for up to 2 years. Applicants should have knowledge and practical experience managing clinical data sets within a database environment. Experience with high level programming languages including web programming is desirable. The successful candidate will be responsible for conducting implementation research on the optimal use of dense genotype or sequence data to improve patient outcomes. Knowledge of decision analytic or predictive analytic techniques, medical terminologies and ontologies is desirable but not required. Previous experience or education background in genomic medicine is desirable as well. Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a leader in biomedical informatics and personalized medicine. To apply, send a CV, a statement of research interest, and the contact information for three references to: Josh F. Peterson MD, MPH (josh.peterson@vanderbilt.edu), Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN. 03/12/15
56. Wilson, Matthew H.

A postdoctoral position is available for research in developing cell and gene therapies for kidney diseases. Individuals with a strong background in molecular biology, cell culture, and a willingness to work with animals are encouraged to apply. The researcher will learn a variety of novel techniques for in vivo and ex vivo gene transfer. Current projects are focused on developing a cell therapy for anemia, correcting a kidney disease in vivo, and engineering non-viral gene delivery methods. Interested applicants can contact Dr. Wilson directly for consideration. 03/03/15
57. Williams, Christopher Shawn

I am hiring a post-doctoral fellow. Please contact for information. 02/24/15
58. Young, Pampee Paul

A scientist with molecular biology and biochemistry experience desired with interest in stem cell biology. References required. 01/30/15
59. Boothby, Mark

Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular immunology. (1) dissect the regulation of gene expression in T lymphocytes, and the acquisition and maintenance of functional characterisitics of helper T cells in vitro and in the intact animal; current foci: (a) a newly cloned, novel protein collaborating with the allergy-related transcription factor Stat6, and (b) NF-kappaB and chromatin. (2) investigate cytokine receptor signaling mechanisms in regulating the acquisition and maintenance of functional characterisitics of helper T cells in vitro and in the intact animal. 01/26/15
60. Eischen, Christine M.

There is one immediate opening for a post-doctoral fellow interested in cancer initiation and one immediate opening for a post-doctoral fellow interested in hematopoiesis. Applications are invited from experienced and highly motivated individuals who are interested in genetic, molecular, or biochemical mechanisms of tumor development or hematopoiesis/immune response. My laboratory utilizes genetically engineered mouse models, primary cell culture, retroviral gene transfer technologies, protein purification, genomics, and patient sample analysis, to answer questions related to tumor initiation and lymphocyte biology. Two cancer projects are currently available for post-doctoral fellows. The first project focuses on MTBP, a gene we discovered is a novel regulator of the MYC oncogene, and its role in lymphoma development and maintenance. The second project focuses on genes that contribute to lung adenocarcinoma initiation. A hematopoiesis or immune response project is available. The project focuses on genes that contribute to hematopoietic cell stress-mediated bone marrow failure. Applicants should have a strong background in at least two of the following: molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and/or mouse models. Interested individuals should send a CV and contact information for three references to christine.eischen@vanderbilt.edu. 01/21/15
61. Wente, Susan

Cell and Developmental Biology
My laboratory has funded positions open for excellent scientists at the postdoctoral level who are interested in pursuing the study of nucleocytoplasmic transport. A current curriculum vitae and three letters of reference should be forwarded for consideration. The scientific projects in my laboratory currently focus on using either yeast S. cerevisiae or mammalian tissue culture, or Xenopus model systems to understand the mechanism of nuclear transport at the molecular level. Toward this goal, the research directives in my laboratory have focused into three subgroups: 1) analyzing the role of nuclear transport factor interactions with the nuclear pore complex, with particular emphasis on either the role of the FG nucleoporins in the general mechanism or the role of the shuttling mRNA export factor Gle1. 2) studying the mechanism of nuclear pore complex assembly and dynamics, with a focus on developing novel fluorescence, genetic, and structural strategies to dissect the pathway of assembly. 3) Understanding how a novel nuclear inositol polyphosphate signaling pathway regulates mRNA export. We speculate that nuclear inositol signaling plays a key role in coordinating mRNA export and gene transcription responses to extracellular stimuli and intracellular cues. 01/19/15
62. Parikh, Alexander A.

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to investigate tissue biomarkers in pancreatic cancer using proteomic and genomic technology. These projects will include assistance with collection and processing of human tissue specimens, tissue RNA and protein as well as the use of proteomics and gene microarray. In addition, immunohistochemical studies will also be performed. This position will be in combination with Dr. John Phay in the study of the molecular mechanisms of increased glucose metabolism in malignancy. Interested applicants should send a CV to alexander.parikh@vanderbilt.edu 01/18/15
63. Tyska, Matthew John

Cell and Developmental Biology
A postdoctoral position is available to investigate the function of actin-based motor proteins (myosins) using state-of-the-art cell biological and biophysical approaches. Potential projects include but are not limited to: 1) the mechanical characterization of myosin motors in vitro and in living cells using optical trapping technology, 2) studying the dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton and associated myosins using the latest live cell imaging technologies, and 3) applying advanced proteomic approaches to define the composition of native myosin/cargo complexes and F-actin arrays. Previous experience with cell culture techniques, molecular biology (cloning/mutagenesis), protein biochemistry (expression/purification), and light microscopy is very important. Interested candidates should email a copy of their CV and the names of three references to matthew.tyska@vanderbilt.edu. 01/14/15
64. Kaverina, Irina N.

Cell and Developmental Biology
A variety of projects is available for postdoctoral research. 01/06/15
65. Davies, Sean S.

http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/479933-microbiome-engineering-post-doctoral-research-fellow 01/05/15
66. Zhang, Bing

Biomedical Informatics
Postdoctoral Position in Proteo-genomic data integration A postdoctoral research scientist position is available to study proteo-genomic data integration in Dr. Bing Zhang||||s group at the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University. We are involved in several large projects that collect multidimensional omics data at DNA, mRNA and protein levels for the same set of biological samples. Although big data presents big opportunities, integrative analysis of these different types of data is complex and challenging. The postdoctoral research scientist is expected to develop innovative proteo-genomic data integration approaches that help reveal novel biological insights from multidimensional omics data. Some examples can be found in our recent publications: Liu et al. MCP, 2013; Wang et al. JPR, 2012; Li et al. MCP, 2011; and Zhang et al. Mol Biosyst, 2011. We are particularly interested in understanding how genomic alterations affect protein output and activity, and how this information can be used to improve disease management. The position offers an excellent opportunity to conduct research in a supportive and stimulating environment, and to collaborate with bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, computer scientists, and biologists. Required Skills: 1. At least 3 years experience in one or more of the following languages: Perl, Python, C, C++ 2. Strong programming skills in R 3. Hands-on experience with next generation sequencing and/or shotgun proteomics data analysis 4. Good spoken and written communication skills, with the later supported by peer-reviewed publications Desired Skills: 1. Knowledge of molecular biology 2. Experience with machine learning algorithms 3. Experience with web application and database development Education: Candidates must have a Ph. D. in bioinformatics, computer science, biostatistics, biology, or a related field. How to Apply: Please send a cover letter and CV to Bing Zhang at bing.zhang@vanderbilt.edu. 01/02/15
67. Chazin, Walter J.

Biochemistry, Physics
One is for accomplished structural biologist to work on the assembly and function of multi-protein E3 ubiquitin ligases. A second position is for US citizen or green card holder for work on DNA replication and repair proteins. Please apply by e-mail to walter.chazin@vanderbilt.edu sending CV and names of three references. 12/08/14
68. Zanic, Marija

Cell & Developmental Biology
The Zanic Lab has current openings for outstanding postdoctoral researchers interested in cytoskeletal dynamics and organization. Our lab seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying microtubule dynamic instability and its regulation. Our approaches combine biochemical in vitro reconstitution with purified protein components, single molecule TIRF microscopy, quantitative image analysis and theoretical modeling. We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Experience with any of the following is beneficial: protein expression and purification, microfluidics, image analysis/Matlab. To apply, please contact Marija Zanic at marija.zanic@vanderbilt.edu 12/05/14
69. Takahashi, Takamune

Postdoctoral position is available to study molecular mechanisms in angiogenesis or in kidney disease. Projects include: 1) Study to determine the role of tyrosine phosphatase in endothelial cells and angiogenesis. 2) Study to investigate the pathogenic mechanisms of kidney disease, with emphasis on diabetic nephropathy and endothelial injury. Interested applicants should send C.V. to: Takamune Takahashi, M.D., Ph.D. Division of Nephrology and Hypertension S-3223, Medical Center North, Nashville, TN 37232 E-mail: takamune.takahashi@vanderbilt.edu 12/02/14
70. Young, Lisa R

A NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Lisa Young in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine. Our lab studies how epithelial dysfunction results in pulmonary fibrosis, with particular interest in heritable disorders. Current projects in the lab are focused on alveolar epithelial cell biology including the consequences of intracellular trafficking defects, cross-talk between alveolar epithelial cells, macrophages, and other effector cell populations, and oxidative stress. Other projects include focus on discovery of the genetic basis of human lung diseases and development of biomarkers. Experience in cellular and molecular biology is strongly desired. Interested candidates are asked to send a C.V. and names of 3 references to Lisa.Young@Vanderbilt.edu. 11/20/14
71. Long, Jirong

Genetic epidemiology, genetics of complex disease, bioinformatics 11/04/14
72. Zwiebel, Laurence J.

Vector Chemosensory Neurobiology & Behavior Post-Doctoral Position Available at Vanderbilt University. An NIH-funded post-doctoral position is available in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University. We study mosquito olfaction and its role in modulating and mosquito-host interactions from an molecular neuroscience perspective using diverse approaches and methodologies. We are focused on the role of odorant receptors and other molecular elements of the peripheral sensory apparatus in driving host and oviposition preferences in both Anopheles gambiae and Aedes aegypti. We are looking for a highly motivated, independently-thinking individual, who wants to design and conduct laboratory studies on the peripheral sensory system of disease vectors. A Ph.D. in molecular neuroscience, entomology, behavior, molecular genetics, or related field and at least one first-author publication are required. Experience in chemosensory biology, molecular biology, behavior, and statistical analysis is desirable. No more than 5 years since completion of Ph.D. degree. To apply, please send CV, statement of research interests, reprints of recent papers, and names of three references to LJ Zwiebel (E-mail: l.zwiebel@vanderbilt.edu ) by August 15, 2010. Additional information can be found in: http://www.cas.vanderbilt.edu/zwiebel/ 10/03/14
73. Carter, Bruce D.

Please apply by e-mail to bruce.carter@vanderbilt.edu sending CV and names of three references. 09/29/14
74. Hudson, Billy G.

The successful candidate for this beginning Postdoc position will work with High School Students and Undergraduates in conjunction with the Aspirnaut Program, under the Direction of Dr. Billy Hudson in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension . The ability to translate research science to K-12 education programs will be essential in this position. Vanderbilt Experience and educator/training experience is preferred as well as a Ph.D. More information relating to the Aspirnaut Program, please visit the website www.aspirnaut.org . All interested Postdocs should apply via e-mail with a cover letter, current CV and minimum of 3 references to: debbie.scott@vanaderbilt.edu * Please put in subject line of e-mail : Aspirnaut PostDoc 09/29/14
75. Pozzi, Ambra

76. Vanacore, Roberto

Research fellow (Postdoctoral) - Center for Matrix Biology Division of Nephrology - Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN Job Description A NIH- funded postdoctoral fellow position is available immediately in the Center for Matrix Biology to investigate the role of lysyl oxidases in normal kidney function and renal fibrosis. We are looking for a highly motivated ambitious young scientist (recent PhD graduate) who can work independently and proven ability for critical thinking, method development and problem solving while delivering timely research. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in protein biochemistry, molecular biology and renal biology. A strong background in enzymology, molecular cloning, and recombinant protein expression will be preferred. Preference will be given to academic career oriented individuals pursuing first author peer-reviewed publication(s). Basic Requirements: This position requires a PhD degree (Biochemistry, Molecular/Cell Biology, or related fields) Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to publish the results of scientific research in scientific journals Additional Information: This is a full-time position; 40 hours per week which includes NIH-based salary and all Vanderbilt staff benefits including health and dental insurance, retirement plan, etc. Qualified applicants will need to submit a cover letter, current CV, publications reprints and at least 3 references via e-mail to debbie.scott@vanderbilt.edu , with the subject line of "Postdoc Position RV" 09/29/14
77. Gu, Guoqiang

Cell and Developmental Biology
One postdoctoral position available for studying endocrine islet cell development. Available projects includes: 1) characterizing genes expression during mouse pancreas development; 2) generating transgenic and knockout mice to evaluate gene function for endocrine islet development, beta cell maturation, and functional maintenance; 3) using chicken embryos to screen for genes required for endocrine cell differentiation, and 4) using cell lineage tracing methods to understand islet homeostasis and adult pancreatic stem/progenitor cells. 09/22/14
78. Mayer, Ingrid A.

Not available 09/22/14
79. Woodward, Neil David

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging of Psychotic Disorders Department of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine www.woodwardlab.com The Woodward Lab in the Department of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University is seeking candidates interested in the neural basis of neuropsychiatric disorders for an investigator-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging of Psychotic Disorders. The selected candidate will work primarily on an NIMH funded study examining thalamocortical networks in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This project will use multimodal imaging, including working memory fMRI, resting-state fMRI, and diffusion tensor imaging, to investigate thalamocortical networks in both chronic and early stage psychosis. With supervision, the successful candidate will be expected to oversee the collection of neuroimaging data; conduct imaging analyses of structural, functional, and diffusion tensor imaging data; and help write/prepare manuscripts and conference presentations. The Fellow will also be expected to contribute to on-going neuroimaging research projects in the Woodward Lab investigating the neural basis of cognitive impairment in schizophrenia and brain dysconnectivity in autism spectrum disorders. In collaboration with psychosis researchers in the Dept. Psychiatry, the Fellow will also have opportunities to pursue additional scientific research interests through access to a large repository of clinical, cognitive, neuroimaging, and genetic data collected on healthy subjects and individuals with a psychotic disorder. The following qualifications are required: - Graduate degree (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, or related discipline; - Training and experience in functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging; - Familiarity with neuroimaging software packages, including SPM, Freesurfer, and FSL; - Programming experience with Matlab - While not required, experience in network-based methods, such as graph theory, is highly desirable Setting: The Vanderbilt Psychotic Disorders Program (VPDP) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary program interested in the study and treatment of adult patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. The VDPD consists of a 22-bed unit within the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital (VPH), a partial hospitalization program, and an outpatient clinic. The clinical focus of the program is on acute stabilization of psychotic inpatients at VPH and the implementation of long-term treatment plans through outpatient services affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry. Duration: Minimum of 2 years with advancement to the second year dependent upon satisfactory progress during the first year. The appointment may be extended beyond 2 years contingent on funding and satisfactory performance based on annual reviews. Salary and Benefits: Salary will be commensurate with NIH postdoctoral stipends (see http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-14-046.html). Fellows are also eligible for benefits provided to regular employees of Vanderbilt Medical Center, including health insurance. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and the names of three references to Neil Woodward (neil.woodward@vanderbilt.edu). Applications will be considered on a rolling basis; early submissions are strongly encouraged. Please contact Neil Woodward at the above email address if you have any questions. Vanderbilt is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. 09/15/14
80. Ascano, Manuel

A postdoctoral position in RNA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is available in my laboratory. The postdoc will be joining a new research group whose primary research interests are in understanding the post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms employed by cells during periods of innate immune activation and cellular stress. The Ascano laboratory integrates traditional biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biological disciplines with modern high-throughput and bioinformatics-oriented methodologies. Available research projects focus either on the delineation and functional characterization of specific RNA-protein interaction networks or on the biochemical dissection of a newly identified nucleic acid-stimulated innate immune signaling pathway. Interested candidates should submit by email a single PDF containing a cover letter, a CV with contact information for three references, and a very brief summary (1 page) of research accomplishments and potential research interests in my lab. 09/11/14
81. Janetopoulos, Chris
chrisjano15 at gmail.com

Biological Sciences
I am currently accepting applications for postdocs. Postdocs interested in phosphoinositide signaling (in relation to cell polarity) or intravital imaging should apply. Send applications to chrisjano15 at gmail.com 09/08/14
82. Malin, Bradley A.

Biomedical Informatics
The Department of Biomedical Informatics (http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/~dbmi) at Vanderbilt University has openings for two postdoctoral research positions to investigate privacy and security issues related to large electronic healthcare systems. Researchers will have the opportunity to work on a number of exciting topics in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with data, systems, and investigators across the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, as well as the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Successful researchers will design theoretical models and perform empirical investigations with massive clinical and biomedical datasets. Researchers will be able to analyze, and contribute to, real world applications, including online patient portals (e.g. patient ? care provider messaging, billing, etc.), repositories of clinical and genomic data for hypothesis generation and testing, and complex electronic medical record systems. Candidates are expected to be independent and conduct original research that has application in the local environment and is generalizable. Examples of research and development topics of interest include: + Access Control and Query Restriction for Biomedical Databases + Automated De-identification of Clinical Notes + Cryptographic Approaches to Private Health Data Collection and Distribution + Data Mining Medical Record Access Logs for Privacy and Security Violations + Model Design and Quantification of Privacy Threats in Complex Healthcare Systems + Quantitative Privacy Protections for Biomedical and Genomic Data Requirements: Candidates should hold a PhD (or equivalent degree) in computer science, information science, informatics, or a related field. Applications and inquiries regarding available positions can be sent electronically to Dr. Bradley Malin b.malin@vanderbilt.edu. To apply, send a CV, a statement of research interest, and the contact information for three references to: Bradley Malin, PhD 2209 Garland Avenue, 4th Floor Department of Biomedical Informatics School of Medicine Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 37232 USA Positions will remain open until they are filled. 09/01/14
83. Johnson, Carl H.

Biological Sciences
One Postdoctoral Position is available October 1, 2014: Innovative Luminescence Assay for Neural Activity, [Ca++], and pH: My laboratory has developed innovative techniques using luminescence and/or BRET (Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer) to monitor gene expression or protein-protein interactions non-invasively. These luminescence techniques have significant advantages over fluorescence-based (and other) methodologies. We have extensively developed luminescence techniques for monitoring circadian gene expression patterns as well as assessing interactions among proteins in mammalian, plant, and bacterial cells. We have developed a luminescence reporter for pH and comparable reporters for [Ca++] are under development. The current position is to further develop these state-of-the art techniques and apply them as non-invasive monitors of neural synaptic activity. Useful reporters will be applied to answer fundamental neurobiological questions (including those relating to circadian rhythmicity) in conjunction with optogenetics. Experience with neurobiology, imaging, and standard molecular genetic techniques is desirable. There are excellent facilities and collaborations available within the Vanderbilt University system, including other laboratories that study circadian clocks & sleep (e.g., the labs of Doug McMahon, Terry Page, and Beth Malow) and/or that are developing advanced imaging techniques (e.g., David Piston). Nashville is an exciting city with a low cost of living and many artistic opportunities (especially music) as well as close proximity to nature. For more information about my laboratory, see our website: http://www.cas.vanderbilt.edu/johnsonlab/. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Carl Johnson at: carl.h.johnson@vanderbilt.edu. 08/23/14
84. O'Brien, Richard M.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
My laboratory is interested in the transcriptional regulation of genes whose altered expression may contribute to the pathophysiology of diabetes. We are currently working on two such genes as follows: 1. Glucose-6-Phosphatase. Glucose-6-phosphatase (G6Pase) catalyzes the terminal step in glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis. Increased expression of G6Pase contributes to the increased hepatic glucose production characteristic of both type I and type II diabetes. Our studies mainly focus on the molecular mechanisms that mediate the regulation of G6Pase gene transcription by hormones, especially insulin. 2. IGRP. We have cloned a novel gene that encodes an islet-specific glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit-related protein (IGRP). The goal of the on-going experiments in this project is the elucidation of the molecular basis for the islet-specific expression of the IGRP gene. These experiments involve the use of both tissue culture cells and transgenic mice. The data suggest that the regulation of IGRP gene expression is determined, in part, by novel factors. As such, the identification of these novel factors will potentially aid other investigators who are attempting to understand the process whereby islet stem cells differentiate towards that of a beta cell lineage. In addition, although its biological function is unknown, IGRP has recently been identified as a major autoantigen in type 1 diabetes. Genetic data suggests that suppression of IGRP gene expression might prevent the development of type 1 diabetes in children. Post doctoral positions are available for both of these projects. 08/18/14
85. Madhur, Meenakshi S.

Post-doctoral position available for a PhD or MD interested in immune mechanisms of hypertension, vascular disease, and renal dysfunction. Looking for someone with experience working with rodents and basic molecular biology skills (PCR, western blotting, etc). Experience with flow cytometry is helpful but not required. 08/08/14
86. Calkins, David J.

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
The laboratory seeks highly motivated neuroscientists for studies of mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neuronal self-repair, and regenerative medicine. Applicants must have excellent communication skills and references. 08/07/14
87. Gumina, Richard Joseph

A Post-Doctoral position is available immediately in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine to study the fundametal role of nucleotidases in cardiovascular disease. Small laboratory animal models, biochemistry, molecular biology, and proteomics techniques are the main research approaches for these studies, complemented by human studies. The successful applicant will hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. with 2 years of post-doctoral experience. Expertise in either platelet biology or cardiomyocyte biology combined with proficiency in both biochemical assays and molecular biology are necessary. Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team is essential. The successful candidate should demonstrate excellent scientific communication, presentation and writing skills, and analytical problem solving skills, as well as a strong work ethic. Funding for the position is available for 1 year with the possibility of extension. Salary is dependent upon the applicant||s experience and follows the NIH guidelines. 08/04/14
88. Wilson-Liverman, Angela

Obstetrics and Gynecology
N/A 08/04/14
89. Spiller, Benjamin

We seek a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow interested in Structural Biology and Bacterial Pathogenesis. The focus is on one of multiple projects involving pathogenesis in Gram-negative bacterial. We employ a diverse set of approaches to study pathogenesis, but a focus involves structural studies of relevant pathogen or host proteins. High impact projects with strong preliminary data are currently available. Interested parties should send a cover letter and CV to benjamin.spiller@vanderbilt.edu 07/29/14
90. Wright, Christopher V.

Cell and Developmental Biology
to study pancreas formation and function using state of the art genome manipulation techniques in vivo in mouse (knockout, knockin, transgenic) and in vitro cell culture models. 07/28/14
91. Abel, Ty William

92. Bock, Paul E.

BLOOD COAGULATION ENZYMOLOGY A Postdoctoral Research position is available to investigate the mechanisms and regulation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis reactions with protein chemistry, enzyme kinetics, and fluorescence spectroscopy approaches. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Interested individuals who are recent Ph.D. degree graduates in biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, or biology should send a copy of their curriculum vitae and arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent to:Dr. Paul E. BOCK Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Department of Pathology C-3321A Medical Center North Nashville, TN 37232-2561 Tel. (615)343-9863 07/23/14
93. Zijlstra, Andries

A postdoctoral position is available (July, 2013). The project for this position is focused on the molecular biology of metastasis with an emphasis on cell migration. The project will integrate both molecular and translational aspects of metastasis research. Applicants interested in the laboratory and our research should send a current curriculum vitae and a past research synopsis to: Andries Zijlstra Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Department of Pathology, C-2102A MCN 1161 21st Ave. S. Nashville, TN 37232-2561 andries.zijlstra@vanderbilt.edu 07/16/14
94. Giltnane, Jennifer

No position available at this time. 07/11/14
95. Gould, Kathleen L.

Cell and Developmental Biology
please see lab web site: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vumcdept/cellbio/gould/positions.html 07/06/14
96. Goldenring, James R.

Surgery and Cell and Developmental Biology
Postdoctoral Associate Positions Available Research in an NIH-funded program to investigate the Roles of class V myosin motors in regulating membrane trafficking. Projects are focused on myosin 5b interactions with Rab proteins and their effectors and their regulation of intestinal and kidney cell polarity. Investigations focus on the origin and pathogenesis of intestinal epithelial cell polarity in children with microvillus inclusion disease with the study of a novel mouse model of intestinal epithelia targeted deletion of myo5b. Other investigations focus on in vitro models of epithelia in colon and kidney. Salary commensurate with experience. Contact: James R. Goldenring, MD, PhD, Epithelial Biology Center, MRB IV, Rm 10435G, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2213 Garland Ave, S., Nashville, TN 37232. Email: jim.goldenring@vanderbilt.edu. 06/02/14
97. Burnette, Dylan T.

Cell & Developmental Biology
A postdoctoral position ia available applying superresolution microscopy to study the formation of myosin II-filaments within motile cells. 05/14/14
98. Davila, Marco

Candidates with background in immunology and/or cancer biology, experience with tissue culture and animal work, as well as a history of publications should submit their CV to marco.l.davila@vanderbilt.edu 05/12/14
99. Smith, Jeffrey R.

Postdoctoral position available to qualified applicants in human genomics and cancer genetics. Inquiries welcome. 04/09/14
100. Arteaga, Carlos L.

Medicine and Cancer Biology
The laboratory of Carlos L. Arteaga, MD in the Breast Cancer Program of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Comprehensive Cancer Center is recruiting post-doctoral research fellows Projects include: Discovery of mechanisms of resistance to antiestrogen therapy in breast cancer; Development of transgenic mouse models of basal-like breast cancer; Genomic profiling of drug-resistant ER+ and triple negative breast cancer; Discovery of rational combinations of targeted therapies in breast cancer (focus on PI3K/AKT, ERBB receptors, TGF???, ER???, CDK4) Methods include gain-of-function kinase screens, next gen sequencing, RNAseq, mass spectrometry, RNAi screens, functional small animal imaging, molecular profiling and discovery using primary tumors from patients in clinical trials with targeted therapies, and studies with cell lines and xenografts using conditional shRNAs and targeted therapies in clinical development in vitro and in vivo Recent relevant publications that apply to these topics include: Miller TW, Fox EM, Balko JM, Ghazoui A, Dunbier A, Anderson H, Dowsett M, Jiang A, Smith RA, S??nchez V, Maira S-M, Manning HC, Gonz??lez-Angulo AM, Mills GB, Higham C, Ye F, Miller WR, Shyr Y, Arteaga CL. ER???-dependent E2F transcription can mediate resistance to estrogen deprivation in human breast cancer. Cancer Discovery 1:338-51, 2011 Chakrabarty A, S??nchez V, Kuba MG, Rinehart C, Arteaga CL. Feedback upregulation of HER3 (ErbB3) expression and activity attenuates antitumor action of phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase pathway inhibitors. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109:2718-23, 2012 Arteaga CL, Baselga J. Impact of Genomics in Personalized Cancer Medicine. Clin. Cancer Res. 18:612-8, 2012 Balko JM, Cook RS, Vaught DB, Kuba MG, Miller TW, Bhola NE, Sanders ME, Granja-Ingram NM, Smith JJ, Meszoely IM, Salter J, Dowsett M, Stemke-Hale K, Gonz??lez-Angulo AM, Mills GB, Pinto JA, Gomez HL, Arteaga CL. Profiling of residual breast cancers after neoadjuvant chemotherapy identifies DUSP4 deficiency as a mechanism of drug resistance. Nature Med. 18:1052-9, 2012 Balko JM, Miller TW, Morrison MM, Hutchinson K, Young C, Rinehart C, S??nchez V, Jee D, Polyak K, Prat A, Perou CM, Arteaga CL, Cook RS. The receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB3 maintains the balance between luminal and basal breast epithelium. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109:221-6, 2012 Young CD, Pfefferle AD, Owens P, Kuba MG, Rexer BN, Balko JM, S??nchez V, Cheng H, Perou CM, Zhao JJ, Cook RS, Arteaga CL. Conditional loss of ErbB3 delays mammary gland hyperplasia induced by mutant PIK3CA without affecting mammary tumor latency, gene expression or signaling. Cancer Res. 73:4075-85, 2013 Bhola N, Balko JM, Dugger TC, Kuba MG, Stanford J, Cook RS, Arteaga CL. TGF?? inhibition enhances chemotherapy action against triple-negative breast cancer. J. Clin. Invest. 123:1348-58, 2013 Fox EM, Kuba MG, Miller TW, Davies BR, Arteaga CL. Autocrine IGF/insulin receptor axis compensates for inhibition of AKT in ER positive breast cancer cells with acquired resistance to estrogen deprivation. Breast Cancer Res. 2013 Jul 11; 15(4):R55 [Epub ahead of print] Balko JM, Stricker TP, Arteaga CL. The genomic map of breast cancer: Which roads lead to better targeted therapies? Breast Cancer Res. 2013 Jul 31;15(4):209 [Epub ahead of print] Garrett JT, Sutton CR, Kurupi R, Bialucha CU, Ettenberg SA, Collins SD, Sheng Q, Wallweber J, DeFazio-Eli L, Arteaga CL. Combination of antibody that blocks ligand-independent HER3 dimerization and a p110??? inhibitor potently block PI3K signaling and growth of HER2-overexpressing breast cancers. Cancer Res. 73:6013-23, 2013 Hanker AB, Pfefferle A, Balko JM, Kuba MG, Young CD, S??nchez V, Sutton CR, Cheng H, Perou CM, Zhao JJ, Cook RS, Arteaga CL. Mutant PIK3CA accelerates HER2-driven transgenic mammary tumors and induces resistance to combinations of anti-HER2 therapies. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110:14372-7, 2013 Balko JM, Schwarz LJ, Bhola N, Kurupi R, Owens P, Miller TW, G??mez H, Cook RS, Arteaga CL. Activation of MAPK pathways via DUSP4 loss promotes cancer stem cell-like phenotypes in basal-like breast cancer. Cancer Res. 73:5346-58, 2013 Balko JM, Giltnane JM, Schwarz LJ, Young CD, Cook RS, Owens P, Sanders ME, Kuba MG, S??nchez V, Pinto JA, Doimi F, G??mez H, Goga A, Lehmann B, Bauer J, Pietenpol JA, Stephens PA, Cronin M, Miller VA, Yelensky R, Wang K, Palmer G, Arteaga CL. Molecular profiling of drug-resistant tumor cells remaining in the breast after neoadjuvant chemotherapy of triple-negative breast cancers identifies actionable therapeutic targets. Cancer Discov. 4:232-245, 2014 Mayer IA, Abramson VG, Isakoff SJ, Forero-Torres A, Balko JM, Kuba MG, Sanders ME, Yap J, Van den Abbeele AD, Li Y, Cantley LC, Winer E, Arteaga CL. Phase Ib Study of Pan-Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase Inhibitor Buparlisib With Letrozole in Estrogen Receptor-Positive/Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer. J Clin. Oncol. (In press), 2014 Arteaga CL, Engelman JA. ERBB receptors: From oncogene discovery to basic science to mechanism-based cancer therapeutics. Cancer Cell (In press), 2014 Interested applicants should send updated CV and list of references to carlos.arteaga@vanderbilt.edu Carlos L. Arteaga, MD Professor of Medicine and Cancer Biology Associate Director for Clinical Research Director Center for Cancer Targeted Therapies Director Breast Cancer Program Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Vanderbilt University Div. Hematology-Oncology, VUMC 2220 Pierce Avenue, 777 PRB Nashville, TN 37232-6307 Assistant: Heather Burgess heather.burgess@vanderbilt.edu Tel. 615 936 3524 Fax 615 936 1790 04/01/14
101. Schneider, Claus

NIH-funded positions available for a start date of October 1, 2013. Candidates should have experience in structural analysis of small molecules using HPLC, NMR, LC-MS. A background in lipid or natural product biochemistry would be a big plus. We also welcome candidates that, in addition, are proficient in cell culture and molecular biology. Our laboratory encourages international students to apply for post-graduate research. In particular, we are interested in recruiting Brazilian Science without Borders fellows. For information please contact the PI. 02/19/14
102. Richmond, Ann

We have an opening for a training grant eligible postdoctoral fellow with training in immunology to work on projects in tumor immunology. Specifically we are investigating how therapeutic treatments affect the leukocyte infiltrate into the tumor microenvironment and the pre-metastatic niche. 01/28/14
103. Aiken, Christopher R.
chris.aiken@vanderbilt.edu, christopher.r.aiken@Vanderbilt.Edu

Microbiology and Immunology
Postdoctoral position available to study early steps of HIV-1 infection. Projects involve the structure and function of the HIV-1 capsid, its interactions with host factors, and the design and mechanism of action of small molecule inhibitors. Applicants with practical experience in biochemistry and molecular biology are preferred. 01/16/14
104. Dhawan, Punita

A postdoctoral position is available to investigate the role of Claudin-1 in Colon cancer Progression and Metastasis. Evidence of experience in molecular biology and Cellular Biology is required. Experience in working with animal models is desirable. Interested Candidates should send their CV and three references to Punita Dhawan, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Dept. of Surgery/Division of Surgical Oncology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 1161 21st Ave. South, MCN Nashville, TN-37232, USA E-mail# punita.dhawan@vanderbilt.edu 12/31/13
105. Lopez, Carlos F

Cancer Biology
The laboratory of Carlos F. Lopez at Vanderbilt University, Department of Cancer Biology, seeks applicants for a postdoctoral fellow position. The overall goal of work at the Lopez Lab is the understanding of cue-response mechanisms in cellular signaling and their link to cancer phenotypes. We also aim to develop and implement novel modeling and simulation tools to understand complex results from experiments. Ongoing work investigates the mechanisms of molecular signal regulation leading to mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization in extrinsic apoptosis and its role in cancer. We aim to distinguish key mechanistic elements among the known apoptosis regulation interactions, understand pathway cross-talk within the cell, and use this data to rationalize mechanism controversies currently found in the literature. The goal of this work is to formulate a novel understanding of regulation and dysregulation in cancer and significantly contribute toward advances in cancer treatments. The successful candidate will participate in research projects related to modeling, simulation, and quantitative biology to study different aspects of signal transduction. Expertise with numerical methods, chemical theory, physics, chemical engineering, systems biology, or other quantitative disciplines is desirable. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in one of the physical or life sciences related to the proposed work, a strong record of successful research, and experience with related quantitative techniques. The candidate can expect to acquire experience with numerical methods for cell biology, programming (e.g. C or Python), and the development of novel tools to study cancer biology. The Lopez lab maintains a comfortable and well-outfitted laboratory with access to computational resources both in the lab and on a University-maintained ~4000 core cluster with high throughput Infiniband connectivity. The department is housed in the Vanderbilt-Ingram cancer center, which provides a rich environment for research, collaboration, and scientific exploration. The city of Nashville is a medium-sized (pop 1.4 million), vibrant, city with a low urban cost of living (ranked 90 in the US, 100 is average) and a very heterogeneous independent arts and culture scene. The city of Nashville is consistently ranked among the top-ten cities in the country for young professionals and possesses one of the most vibrant music cultures (not just Country music) in the nation. 12/06/13
106. Brown, Nancy J.

Postdoctoral positions available for clinical and translational investigators 11/26/13
107. Denison, Mark R.

Microbiology and Immunology
Our lab studies the replication, pathogenesis, cell biology and evolution of Coronaviruses, a family of RNA viruses from which human SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV emerged to cause worldwide epidemics. CoVs encode many novel functions in the largest known RNA genomes, including novel nsp5 protease and an unprecedented proofreading exoribonuclease (ExoN) in nsp14. Thus CoVs are a model for understanding mechanisms of virus evolution, replication and host species movement. Postdoctoral positions are available to understand basic mechanisms of CoV replication, cell biology, pathogenesis and evolution, and to identify novel targets for attenuation and inhibition of CoV replication and disease. Projects in the lab use the BSL2 model virus murine hepatitis virus (MHV) as well as the SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Current available projects in the lab include 1) CoV nsp5 protease structure / function during coronavirus replication; 2) Role of the CoV nsp15 endoribonuclease in CoV replication fidelity and RNA synthesis; 3) Superresolution imaging of coronavirus replication complex formation 4) Determinants of CoV replication fidelity; and 5) Inhibitors of CoV fidelity and capping 11/20/13
108. Hartert, Tina V.

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN ASTHMA EPIDEMIOLOGY & TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH. Available position for a recent Ph.D. in epidemiology or clinical-translational research. The major scientific programs of the Center for Asthma Research are to identify common and modifiable etiologies of asthma, and to develop new interventions to prevent the most common acute and chronic diseases of childhood The candidate???s major commitment will be to research with either distinguished performance, or the promise of distinguished performance and independent extramural funded research. Considerable experience in study design, the conduct of epidemiologic, clinical or translational studies, excellent communication skills, ability to work in a team, and strong quantitative skills are essential. If interested, please send a letter of introduction and interest, a curriculum vitae and names and telephone numbers of three references to: Tina Hartert, M.D., M.P.H., c/o Teresa Chipps, Program Coordinator, Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Center for Health Services Research, 6107 MCE, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232-8300. Fax: 615-936-1269. teresa.chipps@vanderbilt.edu www.asthmaresearch.vanderbilt.edu 11/15/13
109. Gurevich, Vsevolod V.

We are only interested in ambitious people with strong publication record willing to work hard and think hard to achieve their goals. 11/05/13
110. Knollmann, Bjorn C.

Experience in patch-clamping and intracellular calcium measurments of cardiac myocytes beneficial 10/27/13
111. Manning, H. Charles

Neurological Surgery
Accepting applications for trainees interested in imaging science. Contact H. Charles Manning, Ph.D. for more details. (henry.c.manning@vanderbilt.edu) 10/25/13
112. Tansey, William P

Cell and Developmental Biology
Postdoctoral fellows wanted for an exciting set of new projects on Myc, chromatin, the epigenome, MDS, and melanoma. Please send CV and cover letter to william.p.tansey@vanderbilt.edu. Check us out on the web at www.tanseylab.com. 09/18/13
113. Graham, Todd R.

Biological Sciences
Applications are sought for a full time postdoctoral position to study the mechanism of substrate recognition and transport by P4-ATPases. Experience in molecular biology techniques such as cloning, mutagenesis, PCR, constructing gene fusions is essential. In addition, there is a preference for candidates familiar with protein expression and purification, microscopy, and bacterial and/or yeast microbial genetic techniques. Candidates must work well within a team environment and be willing to train graduate and undergraduate students. Applicants should send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Professor Todd Graham (tr.graham@vanderbilt.edu) in the Department of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University. Please include the names and addresses of three references who are willing to provide letters of recommendation. The position is open starting Sept 1, 2013 and will remain open until filled. 09/12/13
114. Meiler, Jens

Biomedical Informatics
positions in computational and experimental structural and chemical biology are available. please contact jens.meiler@vanderbilt.edu 08/28/13
115. Chiang, Chin

Cell and Developmental Biology
Contact Chin Chiang at chin.chiang@vanderbilt.edu for more details. 08/23/13
116. Link, Andrew J.

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY: An immediate opening for a highly motivated individual experienced in human immunology. Significant experience in cell sorting and flow cytometry is required. Experience in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics would be a plus. CONTACT: Andrew J. Link, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232 TEL: 615-343-6823 andrew.link@vanderbilt.edu. Candidates should contact me and be prepared to forward a C.V. 08/22/13
117. MacGurn, Jason

Cell & Developmental Biology
Interested individuals should inquire via e-mail about postdoctoral research opportunities available in the MacGurn Lab. 08/15/13
118. Broadie, Kendal S.

Biological Sciences
WE ARE VERY ACTIVELY RECRUITING POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERS! We are interested in recruiting cellular and molecular biologists interested in neurobiology, particularly synaptic biology. We are particularly keen to recruit experienced electrophysiologists (patch-clamp, TEVC) and confocal microscopists (live imaging, optogenetics). We are also looking for molecular geneticists with experience in Drosophila or other genetic models (yeast, C. elegans, zebrafish). We use genetic approaches to study the nervous system, particularly the development, function and plasticity of neuronal synapses. We model many human diseases which involve synaptic dysfunction, including Fragile X syndrome. We use a multidisciplinary approach coupling molecular genetics with neurological techniques including electrophysiology, optical imaging and EM. If you have an interest, please contact me directly at kendal.broadie@vanderbilt.edu. All inquiries should be accompanied by a CV and statement of specific interests. 08/14/13
119. Rokas, Antonis

Biological Sciences
We are always interested in recruiting talented undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. If you are interested in our research and considering joining our lab, please don||||t hesitate to email Antonis with your CV and a letter outlining your research interests and why you think you would be a good fit to our group. For more information on our research and on how to apply, please visit our lab website. 08/13/13
120. Kenworthy, Anne K.

Cell and Developmental Biology
Postdoctoral positions are currently available for highly motivated individuals to carry out research in two areas: 1. Postdoctoral position currently available to study the role of bacterial toxins in stabilizing and manipulating membrane rafts and mechanisms responsible for toxin entry into host cells via clathrin-independent endocytosis. Experience with live cell imaging, membrane trafficking, and/or model membrane systems is a plus. 2. Postdoctoral position available to develop methods to measure kinetic rate constants in single cells using quantitative fluorescence microscopy and apply these methods to study protein complex formation and reaction-diffusion events at the cellular level. Experience in mathematical modeling and/or FRAP, FCS, and photoactivation approaches is a plus. To apply, please email your CV and the contact information for 3 references to anne.kenworthy@vanderbilt.edu. 08/12/13
121. Cortez, David

Postdoctoral positions are available in the areas of molecular cancer biology, signal transduction, cell cycle, and DNA repair. Please submit a CV and three letters of recommendation. 08/06/13
122. Kim, Annette

N/A 07/26/13
123. Kang, Jingqiong

Now accepting postdoctoral applicants to study the molecular pathology of epilepsy. Please send CV and cover letter stating your interest in the field. 05/31/13
124. Denton, Jerod Scott

We have an NIH-funded postdoc position available to fill immediately. The ideal candidate will be within 3 years of completing their Ph.D. degree and will have extensive experience in ion channel electrophysiology/pharmacology and molecular biology. They must have excellent organizational/time-management skills, strong critical thinking skills, and be able to work independently or as part of a team. The project will focus on defining the mechanism of action/molecular binding sites for novel small-molecule modulators of clinically relevant inward rectifier potassium channels using electrophysiology, mutagenesis, MTS-protection assays, high-throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, and molecular modeling (Lewis et al., 2009, Bhave et al., 2010; 2011; Raphemot et al., 2011). Chemistry experience is not necessary. Experience with comparative homology modeling would be a plus, but not essential. 05/06/13
125. Skala, Melissa C

Postdoctoral positions in optical imaging, cancer research, and cardiovascular research are available. 04/25/13
126. Ramachandran, Ramnarayan

Hearing & Speech Sciences
A NIH-funded postdoctoral position will be available at Vanderbilt University starting July 1 to study the neurophysiological basis of auditory behaviors using the nonhuman primate model. The laboratory is currently focused on experiments designed to explore mechanisms underlying the detection of sounds in noisy environments by normal hearing subjects. The primary techniques that will be used are behavioral and single unit electrophysiological (single and multi electrode) methods in awake and behaving animals. The successful applicant will train animals, perform behavioral and electrophysiological experiments, quantitative analyses of behavior and neuronal activity, and some computational modeling that will explore possible mechanisms. The candidate will also have an opportunity to participate in studies investigating neural mechanisms after hearing impairment as well as multisensory integration. Candidates with backgrounds in hearing research, vision research, oculomotor neuroscience, other areas of systems neuroscience, or engineering are welcome to apply. Experience with electrophysiological recording, working with nonhuman primates, and skills in quantitative analysis and programming are a plus. Candidates with an interest in this position should send their CV, contact information, statement of research interest and the names of three references to Ramnarayan Ramachandran, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, at the following email address: ramnarayan.ramachandran@vanderbilt.edu. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. 04/11/13
127. Elefteriou, Florent

Post-doctoral positions are available based on funding. Please inquire. 03/05/13
128. Peebles, R. Stokes

Post-doctoral research fellow position will be open in Sepetmber 2009. Funding will be provided by the Peebles lab; however, the expectation is that the candidate will be eligible for an NIH F32 or T32 grant. Our lab has a strong track record in obtaining these grants for post-doctoral fellows. 03/05/13
129. Elefteriou, Xiangli Y.

Studying transcriptional regulation of cell growth and differentiation using genetic models 02/20/13
130. Cook, Rebecca S. Muraoka

Cancer Biology
Post-doctoral position available for recent graduates to understand receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathways in breast cancer formation and tumor response to therapeutic anti-cancer reagents. 02/01/13
131. Gore, John C.

Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics and Radiology & Radiological Sciences
Several positions are available at most times for suitably qualified individuals interested in imaging science and its applications 01/22/13
132. Sutcliffe, James S.

Molecular Physiology
The focus of this position is on the study of complex human neuropsychiatric diseases, particularly autism spectrum disorders. A combination of advanced molecular and statistical genetic methods are being applied to identify genes, and in particular susceptibility or risk-associated alleles at these genes, to identify loci of main effect as well as those which may exhibit gene-gene or allelic interaction with loci elsewhere in the genome. While our current focus is on autism, a pending grant application relates to the pharmacogenetics of major depression. This position entails interaction between investigators, students and post-docs in the fields of molecular and statistical genetics, neuroscience, and clinicians or clinical (or phenotype-oriented) researchers to develop methods to relate trait-based subsets of complex phenotypes like autism and depression to their ultimate genotype-phenotype relationships. Postdoctoral applicants should be eligible for NIH trainiing grant support 01/22/13
133. Lee, Laura Anne

Cell and Developmental Biology
Looking for a postdoctoral fellow with fly experience 01/13/13
134. Ally, Brandon A.

Positions available to cognitive and behavioral neurology fellows interested in patient-oriented memory work, as well as clinical and experimental psychologists interested in patient-oriented cognitive neuropsychology work. 12/19/12
135. Shu, Xiao Ou

The Vanderbilt Training Program in Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer (MAGEC) will be accepting preliminary applications for 4 three-year postdoctoral fellowships until January 31, 2013. MAGEC is funded by an R25 grant from the National Cancer Institute and is specifically designed for candidates with an MD or a PhD in epidemiology or genetics or other cancer-related science and a strong interest in cancer research who desire training at the interface of these fields. The hallmark of the program is matching fellows with two mentors -- one in epidemiology and one in a complementary field -- after which an individualized didactic training program will be tailored to complement the candidate||s prior background and launch their independent research career in the molecular or genetic epidemiology of cancer. For more information, interested applicants can visit the MAGEC website (https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/magec/) or contact the Program Manager, Ms. Bethanie Rammer, at bethanie.rammer@vanderbilt.edu, or the Program Directors, Xiao Ou Shu, M.D., Ph.D., Medicine (Epidemiology); xiao-ou.shu@vanderbilt.edu and/or Douglas Heimburger, M.D., M.S., Medicine (Epidemiology); douglas.heimburger@Vanderbilt.Edu. 11/16/12
136. de Caestecker, Mark P.

Cancer Biology
No new positions currently availlable 10/29/12
137. Nakagawa, Terunaga

Postdoctoral positions are available. Detail information can be found at the following URL: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/vumc.php?site=terunaganakagawa 10/18/12
138. Rex, Tonia

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Postdoctoral position available to study gene delivery and neuroprotection in mouse models of retinal degenerative disease. Expertise in molecular biology and mouse models is highly desirable. 10/08/12
139. Storrow, Alan B.

Emergency Medicine
Positions are available on an annual basis in the Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine K12 Research Training Program, a career development program sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). For information, contact the Program Director Alan Storrow, MD or Program Coordinator, Polly Alexander at http://www.vanderbiltem.com/k12-training-program.html. 10/05/12
140. Cone, Roger D

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
The laboratory is interested in attracting outstanding postdoctoral fellows interested in research on the central control of energy homeostasis. We are currently looking for scientists with experience in 1) GPCR pharmacology and drug discovery, 2) zebrafish genetics, 3) mouse modeling using tissue specific gene targeting, and 4) bioinformatics and whole exome sequencing and analysis. 10/04/12
141. Skaar, Eric Patrick

Microbiology and Immunology
A position is available to study the interface between Staphylococcus aureus and the host. 08/16/12
142. Zhao, Zhongming

Biomedical Informatics
Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center A postdoctoral position is available in Dr. Zhongming Zhao||s Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Laboratory (BSBL, http://bioinfo.mc.vanderbilt.edu/) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The successful candidate is expected to join an established bioinformatics team, which is currently comprised of 9 members, including a research instructor, several postdocs in bioinformatics, a bioinformatics engineer, a student, and a program coordinator. The ongoing projects in our group use data generated from platforms such as next generation sequencing (Illumina, 454, SOLiD) and microarrays (gene expression, GWAS, microRNA, CNVs, and methylation) to study cancer, neuropsychiatric disorders, or other complex diseases using bioinformatics and systems biology approaches. Integrative genomics approaches are often applied. Funding is available to support this position for up to three years. Salary is based on NIH standard. The candidate will have the opportunity to access many high throughput datasets and to interact with the investigators in Vanderbilt Medical Center. Vanderbilt||s Department of Biomedical Informatics is the largest academic department of biomedical informatics in the country, with more than 68 faculty members, a graduate training program, and a portfolio of research and development projects that spans from computational biology and bioinformatics applied to the understanding of biological molecules, through advanced clinical information systems that care for hundreds of thousands of patients at Vanderbilt, to regional health information projects that span many states. More information about the department can be found at http://dbmi.mc.vanderbilt.edu/ . The qualified candidates should be highly motivated in research and have a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, molecular biology, or related field upon the job start date. The successful candidate should have some experience in analyzing high-throughput genomic data and proved skills in at least one programming language (Perl, Java, or C/C++). Good understanding of molecular biology and familiarity with biostatistics are desirable. For more information, please visit our web site http://bioinfo.mc.vanderbilt.edu/ . Applicants should send a CV, brief statement of research interests, and reference to: Zhongming Zhao (zhongming.zhao@vanderbilt.edu) Chief Bioinformatics Officer, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center 07/31/12
143. Dai, Qi

Institute of Medicine & Public Health
Training in nutritional and molecular epidemiology 07/26/12
144. Weitkamp, Jorn-Hendrik

Motivated candidates with a strong background in immunology, cell biology, or molecular biology are encouraged to apply. We are looking for a dedicated and scientifically curious individual with research experience in flow cytometry, histochemistry, cell culture or signal transduction. Additional training as necessary will be provided. 05/22/12
145. Hill, Michael F.

An NIH-funded post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine to study oxidative stress mechanisms of post-myocardial infarction heart failure in the setting of diabetes. Additionally, studies examining anti-oxidative therapies for the prophylaxis of oxidative-dependent cardiac complications of diabetes will also be conducted to determine their efficacy as novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of diabetic heart disease. Small laboratory animal models, biochemistry, molecular biology, and proteomics techniques are the main research approaches for these studies. The successful applicant will hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. with less than 2 years of post-doctoral experience. Expertise in cardiac physiology combined with proficiency in both biochemical assays and molecular biology are necessary. Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team is essential. The successful candidate should demonstrate excellent scientific communication, presentation and writing skills, and analytical problem solving skills, as well as a strong work ethic. Funding for the position is available for a minimum of 3 years. Salary is dependent upon the applicanta??s experience and follows the NIH guidelines. Interested individuals should send the following: 1) A cover letter indicating research interests and describing research accomplishments and plans 2) A current CV 3) The name and contact information of three references Please send all of the above information (preferably via email) to: Michael F. Hill, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2220 Pierce Avenue, 383 PRB Nashville, TN 37232-6300 Phone: (615) 936-2412 Fax: (615) 936-1872 Email: michael.f.hill@Vanderbilt.Edu 04/30/12
146. Galli, Aurelio

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
YES 04/22/12
147. Liebler, Daniel C.

Please send letter of application, CV and names and contact information for three references to daniel.liebler@vanderbilt.edu. 02/24/12
148. Van Kaer, Luc

Microbiology & Immunology
A postdoctoral position is available immediately to perform research in the areas of antigen presentation, lymphocyte development and/or autoimmunity. We employ transgenic and knockout approaches to answer important questions in these areas. Relevant publications include: Martin et al. 1996. Cell 84:543-550; Mendiratta et al. 1997. Immunity 6:469-477; Grandea et al. 2000. Immunity 13:213-222; Hong et al. 2001. Nat. Med. 7:1052-1056. Applicants should have a Ph.D. or M.D. and a strong background in molecular biology and cellular immunology. Interested individuals should send their CV, bibliography, and the names of three references by email . luc.van.kaer@Vanderbilt.Edu Lab website:http://www.mc.Vanderbilt.Edu/microbio/vankaer/ 01/20/12
149. Tabb, David L.

Biomedical Informatics
A postdoctoral position to develop new algorithms for proteomic tandem mass spectrometry is available immediately. A Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, or a related field is required. Programming experience and exposure to statistics and mass spectrometry are preferred. Please send curriculum vitae and names of three references to: David L. Tabb Mass Spectrometry Research Center Learned Lab / MRB III U9211 465 21st Ave S Nashville, TN 37232-8575 01/06/12
150. Schey, Kevin L

A post-doctoral training position is available to develop MALDI imaging mass spectrometry methods for ocular lens tissue. A special focus is on lens proteins, lipids, and metabolites and their changing distributions with age. Other tissues of interest are retina, lung and heart. 01/03/12
151. Macdonald, Robert L.

Neurology; Molecular Physiology and Biophysics; Pharmacology
Postdoctoral positions are available to participate in NIH-funded studies of inhibitory  aminobutyric acid (GABA) type A (GABAA) receptors. GABAA receptor channels are the major inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. Reduction of GABAA receptor function produces seizures and generalized epilepsy in animals and man and enhancement of GABAA receptor function has been used to treat seizures. At least five forms of human idiopathic generalized epilepsy have been linked to mutations in the 1, 3,  and 2 GABAA receptor subunits. Alterations in receptor subunit translation, stability and assembly and receptor surface membrane trafficking, neurotransmitter activation, regulation of channel opening and closing of the channels (gating) and desensitization of these mutant channels is under active investigation. GABAA receptor channels are studied using acute transfection of mammalian cells with expression vectors containing receptor subunit cDNAs and subsequent biochemistry or whole cell or single channel recording or from transgenic or knock in mice expressing the mutant subunit. Human mutations are made in relevant receptor channel subunits to determine the basic mechanism of these genetic human epilepsies. We study mutant subunit translation, mRNA stability, degradation and assembly and trafficking of the mutant receptors using protein chemistry (biotinylation and Western blotting), flow cytometry and confocal microscopy (imaging of subcellular and surface expression of fluorescent tagged receptor subunits). The candidate is expected to have first-hand experience with some of these methods, and to be prepared to learn new methods. The successful candidate will join a productive multi-disciplinary laboratory using multiple tools experimental approaches from single channel recording to investigation of transgenic animals to understand the structure, function and biology of GABAA receptors and the pathogenesis of genetic epilepsy associated with GABAA receptor subunit mutations. Competitive salary will be offered based on experience and publication record. To apply for the position, send a description of your research interests, CV, and the names of 3 references to: Robert.macdonald@vanderbilt.edu, or mail to: Dr. Robert L. Macdonald, Department of Neurology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 6140 Medical Research Building III, 465 21st Ave, Nashville, TN 37232-8552 12/06/11
152. Prince, Lawrence S

We currently have postdoctoral positions available in our lab. If interested in our research, please send a c.v. and the names of 3 references to Lance. 11/08/11
153. Veenstra-VanderWeele, Jeremy

A fully funded postdoctoral position is available immediately within The Vanderbilt Brain Institute. The lab focuses on genetic mouse models of susceptibility to the autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Currently, funded projects focus on the serotonin and glutamate systems. Studies will use mouse behavioral analysis, immunohistochemistry, gene expression profiling by next generation sequencing, ex vivo synaptosome neurodevelopmental and dynamic changes that leave to altered social and repetitive behavior in these genetically modified mice. Minimus qualifications are a doctoral degree in Neuroscience or related discipline and experience with molecular biology, biochemistry and animal handling techniques. Prior experience in immunohistochemistry and mouse behavioral techniques is highly desirable. Experience in electrophysiology is welcomed and collaboration in this area would be possible. Salary will follow the NIH pay scale for post-doctoral fellows. Vanderbilt University is the only academic institution to ever be ranked in the top 100 placed to work in the U.S. by Fortune Magazine. Vanderbilt was also ranked as one of the top 10 placed to be a postdoctoral fellow by The Scientist magazine in 2011. The PI is a practicing child psychiatrist whose research group also includes translational research in children and adults with these disorders, with the possibility of integrating molecular findings in rodents with clinical, biochemical and neuroimaging research in humans. Please send a letter of interest and CV to j.vvw@vanderbilt.edu 10/27/11
154. Creech, Clarence Buddy

None available at this time. 08/25/11
155. Quaranta, Vito

Cancer Biology
Post-doctoral positions available immediately for individuals with background in any of the following: computational biology, mathematical modeling, biostatistics, biological engineering, high-level computational microscopy, biological software development, systems biology. Join an energetic and exciting multidisciplinary team of experimentalists and theoreticians to study Cancer Systems Biology. 07/01/11
156. Haglund, Richard F.

Physics and Astronomy
Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1976-77. Nuclear physics with spin-polarized triton beams. 06/27/11
157. Pao, William

Cancer Biology
A postdoctoral position is immediately available to investigate mechanisms of lung tumorigenesis, with particular emphasis on mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies in human lung cancer, utilizing various molecular techniques, human specimens, and mouse models. Applicants should be highly motivated individuals who have a PhD and/or MD degree, extensive background in molecular biology, and interest in cancer biology. Knowledge in working with xenografts and transgenic mouse models is a plus. Fellow will be part of a strong collaborative and multidisciplinary research team. Please send curriculum vitae and names of references to: William Pao, MD, PhD, E-mail: william.pao@vanderbilt.edu. 06/16/11
158. Webb, Donna J

Cancer Biology
Please send your cv to donna.webb@vanderbilt.edu 06/08/11
159. Carroll, Kecia N.

Carroll, PI Our research group is conducting retrospective and prospective cohort studies to investigate the association of maternal folate status during pregnancy and early childhood wheezing and asthma outcomes. Our cohorts include racially and socio-economically diverse mother-child dyads enrolled in a retrospective cohort of over 80,000 dyads and a large prospective cohort. Data will be collected and examined to investigate the association of maternal folate levels and supplementation during pregnancy and early child wheezing, asthma, and atopic disease outcomes. Candiates will have experience working with retrospective (using administrative data) and/or prospective cohort investigations. The fellow will be trained in cohort investigations with vulnerable populations. PhD in epidemiology, immunology, or genetics with translational or patient-oriented research experience is desired. Would start July 1, 2011 contingent on grant funding. 04/20/11
160. Armstrong, Richard N.

Please apply by e-mail to r.armstrong@vanderbilt.edu sending CV and names of three references. 04/04/11
161. Oates, John A.

Post-doctoral position in translational research, oriented to clinical investigation based on mechanistic hypotheses. Areas include optimization of the use of aspirin as a cardioprotective agent, investigation of the function of platelets in cardiovascular disease, basic biology of the platelet, Alzheimer|s disease, and development of new therapy for subarachnoid hemorrhage. 03/21/11
162. Gallagher, Martin J.

Neurology: Epilepsy Division
There is a postdoctoral position available immediately for motivated candidates to investigate the pathogenic mechanisms involved in the development of genetic forms of epilepsy. Knowledge of immunohistochemistry is essential and experience with biochemistry and electrophysiology experiments is beneficial. NINDS R01NS064286 01/31/11
163. Means-Powell, Julie

Post-doctoral research fellow position is available immediately to 1). investigate the use of serum proteomic analysis for the early detection of breast cancer. 2) develop new molecular profiles of women at high and low risk in the development of breast cancer. Applicant should have proficiency in protein biochemistry. Desired skills in mass spectrometry, protein purification and analytical chemistry. Requires PhD in biological sciences with experience in cancer biology and biochemistry. Interested applicants should send C.V. to: Julie Means-Powell, M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 777 Preston Research Center, Nashville, TN 37232-6307 Tel. 615-343-4677 or Fax 615-343-7602, email address julie.means@vanderbilt.edu 01/01/11
164. Polley, Daniel B.

Hearing and Speech Sciences & Psychology
For details, email daniel.polley@vanderbilt.edu 01/01/11
165. Vaughan, Douglas E.

Position available for post-doctoral fellow with skills and experience in molecular biology. Multi-disciplinary vascular biology laboratory that applies basic molecular techniques, genetically-modified mice, and proteomics to explore mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. 01/01/11
166. Stein, Roland W.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics; Cell and Developmental Biology
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position Available Immediately
Term: at least 2 years
Salary and Benefits: Aprox.$38,000 plus benefits
Project(s): see research description Please send CV to:
Roland Stein, Ph.D.
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
702 Light Hall
Nashville, TN 37232-0615
167. Guengerich, F. Peter

Please apply by e-mail to f.guengerich@vanderbilt.edu sending CV and names of three references. 10/25/10
168. Chen, Jian-Xiong

We are looking for a postdoctoral who has experiments on mouse myocardial ischemia-reperfusion models and diabetes. This poistion was support by NIH R01 grant for four years. 10/21/10
169. Weil, P. Anthony

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Two postdoctoral positions available to examine the role of TBP, the TATA box Binding Protein and its associated protein factors in RNA Polymerase II-mediated transcription initiation using the Bakers yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae system. We currently utilize a combination of biochemical, genetic, biophysical and proteomics methods to study the regulation and interactions of these proteins with each other, DNA and other transcription factors; details can be obtained at: www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vumcdept/mpb/weil/weil_lab.html.Interested parties should send a CV and names of references to: Dr. Tony Weil, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232-0615. Phone: 615-322-7007, FAX: 615-322-7236; Email: tony.weil@mcmail.vanderbilt.edu.

170. Wu, Guanqing

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in field of human genetic diseases available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Guanqing Wu. Current projects focus on molecular pathogenesis of human genetic disease, such as autosomal dominant/recessive polycystic kidney diseases. Systems include molecular and cell biology, pathology and animal model. 09/10/10
171. Zhang, Qi

We are looking for motivated graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in synaptic physiology and the biological application of nanocrystal particles. Please contact Dr. Qi Zhang directly for more information. 09/09/10
172. Fesik, Stephen W

MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST/ CELL BIOLOGIST to identify and validate new cancer drug targets, clone, express, and purify proteins for screening and structure determination, and develop and perform primary and secondary biological assays. MEDICINAL CHEMIST to design, synthesize, and optimize small molecules for binding to their target proteins and for their drug-like properties. STRUCTURAL BIOLOGIST to screen fragment libraries, determine the three-dimensional structures of protein/ligand complexes using NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, and participate in drug design using molecular modeling techniques. 08/27/10
173. Miga, Michael I.

Biomedical Engineering
Description: A post-doctoral position on an exciting project focused on cortical surface imaging using laser-range scanning technology within image-guided neurosurgery is available. This project involves the development of a new method to improve recognition of cortical brain structures during surgery, dynamically track these regions intra-operatively, and use this data within a computer-model based approach to improving surgery. In addition, this data will be used to enhance the visualization of cortical data (e.g. fMR) as well as to track brain shift and used to update a novel neuro-navigational image-guided surgical system. The opportunity to translate research from the computer work-bench to the clinic is a primary goal within this work. This position will involve an extensive clinical collaboration and will be an excellent experience for those in the fields of image-guided neurosurgery, soft-tissue mechanics, numerical methods, medical image processing, and medical image analysis. This position will involve working between multiple laboratories, and helping to execute an IRB approved study. The trainee must have excellent organizational skills. Opportunities to pursue a candidate||s own grants and movement towards promotions to research assistant professor are also possible. Qualifications: The position is for a post-doctoral research associate who has received a doctoral degree in biomedical-related area with expertise in image registration & processing, computer vision, computer modeling, numerical analysis, soft-tissue mechanics, and/or three-dimensional digitization instrumentation. The associate will be expected to conduct research in a workstation environment as well as within the OR environment. One primary duty of the post-doctoral research will be to oversee the clinical study and meet with collaborating neurosurgeons. Experience with programming languages and programming environments is absolutely required: C++, MATLAB, Visualization ToolKit within LINUX/UNIX, and Microsoft environments. Good writing and communication skills are also required. Some experience with parallel processing, database management, and network protocols is desirable also. Potential Start Date: As soon as possible Close Date: Until filled 07/23/10
174. Polk, David Brent

Postdoctoral positions available for US residents to study mechanisms of receptor-dependent signal transduction by EGF receptor ligands and TNF regulating proliferation, differentiation, migration and apoptosis of intestinal epithelial cells. 05/26/10
175. McMahon, Douglas G.

Biological Sciences
Post-Doctoral Position in Retinal Neurobiology NIH-funded post-doctoral position available immediately to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural network adaptation in the retina. The project examines the mechanisms by which retinal circuits are reconfigured according to the prevailing illumination conditions through the action of modulatory retinal neurotransmitters such as dopamine and through synaptic feedback. The focus is on novel retinal circuits and molecules that mediate retinal dopamine neuron heterogeneity, regulation of retinal dopamine by light, and the contribution of connexin channels to feedback at the first visual synapse. Novel transgenic mouse and zebrafish models developed in our laboratory enable in situ electrophysiological recording from dopaminergic amacrine neurons (DA neurons), and manipulation of channel gene expression in adult zebrafish retina. The position requires a PhD or MD with previous training in neuroscience. Previous training in retinal electrophysiology or imaging is a plus, but not required. Vanderbilt presents an exceptional environment for training in visual neuroscience in the form of the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center (http://vision-research.vanderbilt.edu/index.php) which administers NEI core and training grants in vision research. The VVRC provides a focus of activity and interaction that facilitates collaborations among investigators. The broader Vanderbilt neuroscience community is extensive with more than 300 investigators in more than 50 departments, centers and institutes offering an outstanding environment for in-depth training and research in neuroscience. To apply for this position please send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and names of three references to Douglas G. McMahon, PhD, Professor of Biological Sciences and Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University, Department of Biological Sciences, VU Station B, Box 35-1634, Nashville, TN 37235-1634 (douglas.g.mcmahon@vanderbilt.edu; http://sitemason.vanderbilt.edu/mcmahonlab). Postdoctoral Position in Serotonin and Circadian Neurobiology Postdoctoral position available to study functional modulation of raphe serotonergic neurons by genetic manipulation of the serotonin gene network and the brain?s biological clock. The project will employ electrophysiological analysis of genetically marked raphe neurons, as well as single cell RT-PCR and real-time gene expression imaging to examine the effects on serotonergic neuron function of mutations in the serotonin and circadian gene networks. The project is funded through the NIMH/Vanderbilt Silvio O. Conte Center for Neuroscience Research which brings together a highly interactive group of researchers focused on the serotonergic system of the brain. Vanderbilt provides an outstanding environment for neuroscience research through the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Center for Molecular Neuroscience. Experience in visualized brain slice recording is preferred. To apply for this position please send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and names of three references to Douglas G. McMahon, PhD, Professor of Biological Sciences and Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University, Department of Biological Sciences, VU Station B, Box 35-1634, Nashville, TN 37235-1634 (douglas.g.mcmahon@vanderbilt.edu; http://sitemason.vanderbilt.edu/mcmahonlab). 04/20/10
176. Peltier, Amanda C.

Dr. Peltier has a major interest in investigating diabetic neuropathy. We are looking for a postdoc to join us for the study. Our research project will utilize human skin biopsies to investigate alterations of molecules in dermal nerve fibers from patients with diabetes. The candidate is expected to be highly motivated for scientific research. He/she should have a PhD degree or equivalent. Experience in conventional histology and immunohistochemistry is essential for this project. Interested individuals should send your CV to Dr. Amanda Peltier?s email address. 03/29/10
177. Xia, Fen

Radiation Oncology
Postdoctoral positions are available in the areas of DNA damage response, DNA repair, functional regulation of repair proteins, translational research such as biomarker identification. Please submit a CV and three letters of recommendation. 03/01/10
178. Aschner, Michael

The postdoctoral candidate will study the ability of methylmercury (MeHg) to interfere with Hsp90 chaperone function resulting in altered cellular homeostasis and neurotoxicity. Among the client proteins known to bind to Hsp90 are type I (neuronal) nitric oxide synthase (NOS), and cytosolic prostaglandin E synthase (cPGES/p23). Additionally, Hsp90 reduces the mitochondrial electron transport protein, cytochrome c (cyt c). The qualifying individual will be involved in studies to [1] demonstrate that MeHg physically binds to Hsp90, altering Hsp90 chaperone function. [2] Determine whether MeHg increases the activity of the cPLA2-cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1)-PGES enzymatic pathway resulting in enhanced prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) production by altering the binding of Hsp90 to PGES/p23. [3] Demonstrate that by altering the association between Hsp90 and neuronal NOS (nNOS) MeHg uncouples nNOS activity, resulting in NOS-derived superoxide (∙O2-) production and reduced ∙NO bioavailability. [4] Determine whether MeHg-induced oxidant stress occurs via inhibition of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, causing increased ∙O2- production and reduced levels of the intracellular antioxidant, glutathione. The experimental approach includes cell-free lysates, rat-derived in vitro astrocyte, neuron, and astrocyte/neuron co-cultures, as well as in vivo corroborative studies in the rat. MeHg-mediated alterations in Hsp90/client protein interactions offers an innovative and unifying mechanism integrating the known propensity of MeHg to form complexes with ?SH-containing ligands and MeHg-induced oxidant stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and CNS toxicity. In addition, postdoctoral candidates with prior experience in C. elegans research are invited to apply for a NIEHS funded position to probe the role of gene-environment interaction in manganese- and methylmercury-induced neurodegeneration. The successful candidate is expected to generate new animal clones and test genetic susceptibility to manganese and methylmercury neurodegeneration, focusing on various neurotransmitter systems. Please contact Dr. Aschner for additional detail. 12/09/09
179. Conn, P. Jeffrey

Postdoctoral position in cellular/molecular neurobiology is available at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The successful candidate will join a research group that employs a highly multidisciplinary approach to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neuromodulation and regulation of animal behavior. The laboratory uses a combination of biochemical, molecular biological, imaging, electrophysiological and behavioral techniques to study regulation of neuronal function by metabotropic glutamate receptors and other G-protein-linked receptors. Also, we have a strong interest in relating cellular and molecular changes to disorders of the central nervous system, including Parkinson|s disease and Schizophrenia. Research Faculty positions also available for outstanding candidates. Send curriculum vita, three references, and statement of research interests to: Dr. P. Jeffrey Conn, Professor Director, Program in Translational Neuropharmacology Department of Pharmacology Vanderbilt University Medical Center 23rd Avenue South at Pierce 452-B Preston Research Building Nashville, TN 37232-6600 E-mail: jeff.conn@vanderbilt.edu 09/18/09
180. France, Daniel J.

Emergency Medicine
2004 ? Present Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology 04/16/09
181. Slagle, Jason M.

Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 04/15/09
182. Ballard, Dean Williams

Microbiology and Immunology
A postdoctoral position is immediately available to study regulatory posttranslational modifications involved in immunoreceptor signaling to transcription factor NF-kB and MAP kinases. Qualifications include a Ph.D., M.D., or the equivalent, a strong publication record in the biomedical sciences, and prior experience with protein/nucleic acid biochemical techniques (eg., immunoprecipitation, immunoblotting, RNA/DNA blotting), gene targeting vectors, and phenotypic analyses of the immune system in mutant mice (eg., FACS, cell proliferation, apoptosis assays). For consideration, please send a current CV and three letters of recommendation from past and/or present training mentors to dean.ballard@vanderbilt.edu. 04/03/09
183. Hellerqvist, Carl G.

Biochemistry and Medicine
Please apply by e-mail to hellercq@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu sending CV and names of three references. 10/21/08
184. Mchaourab, Hassane S.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Postdoctoral position available in an interdisciplinary research program to investigate conformational changes during the functional cycles of multidrug transporters and/or the functional mechanism of small heat-shock proteins including lens a-crystallins. The experimental approach relies heavily on site-directed spin and fluorescence labeling and associated electron paramagnetic resonance and fluorescence spectroscopies. We are looking for a recent Ph.D. who is comfortable with these approaches and interested in learning new biophysical and biochemical techniques. Applicants should send a CV and 3 letters of recommendations to: Hassane Mchaourab, Ph.D. Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2215 Garland Avenue / 741 Light Hall Nashville Tennessee 37232 Email:hassane.mchaourab@vanderbilt.edu 08/20/08
185. Mirnics, Karoly

The candidate will work on NIMH-funded research project centered around transcriptome changes in schizophrenia and corresponding animal models. The postdoctoral researcher will perform DNA microarray experiments, qPCR and in situ hybridization/immunohistochemistry. Action of putative schizophrenia susceptibility genes will also be assessed in cell culture experiments using RNA interferrence. 08/20/08
186. Sriram, Subramaniam

Neurology, Microbiology & Immunology
A two year post doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Neuroimmunology. The field of study will be to examine the role of DNA damage pathway in human demyelinating disorders that are thougt to have either an autoimmune or infectious basis. The study will examine the role of ATM-P53 pathway and the ATR-p53 pathway in the regulation of immune function in human blood lymphocytes, spinal fluid and from CNS tissue obtained from surgical specimens. The position will require familiarity working with human samples including blood and spinal fluid and brain tissue. Candidates should have a strong background in biochemistry, neurochemistry and immunology. Only candidates who have strong academic grounding and have completed their PhD within the last two years need apply. 05/27/08
187. Garber, Judy

National Institute of Mental Health (T32MH18921), "Life span development of normal and abnormal behavior." Focus on developmental psychopathology and prevention science. 05/09/08
188. Spagnoli, Anna

Postdoctoral position available immediately at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To engage in funded research in stem-cell based regenerative medicine in bone/cartilage repair and in the role of insulin-like growth factor-I and TGF-beta in skeletal development. The candidate must have a PhD in Cell Biology or Genetics or a related basic science and have skills in molecular biology and histology Please submit CV to Anna Spagnoli, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, e-mail: spagnoa@med.unc.edu 02/20/08
189. Giorgio, Todd D.

Biomedical Engineering
Postdoctoral research associate. NIH-funded research position is available in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Vanderbilt University. Tasks include fundamental and applied work toward product development. This position offers significant opportunity for interaction in a multidisciplinary environment including biomedical engineering, medicine and basic sciences. Our research team includes four Ph.D. candidates, a comprehensive research laboratory with state-of-the-art tools for gene expression analysis and technician support. Expertise required in some of the following: peptide/peptidomimetic library screening, mammalian cell culture, flow cytometry, micro/nano particles, fluorescence, tumor biology/tumor models. A Ph.D. in a relevant field is required. Location is Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA. Contact Professor Todd Giorgio at 1-615-322-3756 or postdoc.for.giorgio@vanderbilt.edu for more information. 02/01/08
190. Kalams, Spyros A.

We are looking for a postdoc to help evaluate cell-mediated immune responses directed against HIV. The broad goals of several related projects are to: 1) Evaluate why CTL responses decline with disease progression, 2) Assess the T-cell repertoire of developing and established immune responses, and 3) Determine whether the avidity of developing CTL responses influences viral set point. Other research interests include understanding the mechanisms of immune escape from CTL recognition (to evaluate the role HIV sequence variation plays in disease progression), and the evaluation of CTL responses of patients with long-term non-progressing HIV-1 infection (to evaluate whether patients without disease progression have unique or more robust immune responses). Techniques used to evaluate these responses will include (but are not limited to): Multi-color flow cytometry, Flow sorting, Real-time PCR, Sequencing of T cell receptor genes, intracellular cytokine secretion analysis by flow cytometry and ELISpot. 12/26/07
191. Robertson, David

Medicine, Pharmacology, & Neurology
Call 343-6499 for more information. 12/26/07
192. Sligh, James E.

contact for information 12/26/07
193. Park, Sohee

I am looking for a recent Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience or clinical psychology with training in fMRI and cognitive psychology. We will be examining neural correlates of working memory process in relation to affect. Experience with eye movement research would be helpful. Expertise in Matlab and BrainVoyager would be helpful. 03/09/07
194. Rizzo, Carmelo J.

Synthesis of oligonucleotides that are covalently modified by carcinogens for structural and biological studies. 03/09/07
195. Weiss, Sharon M.

Electrical Eng.& Computer Sc.
Research area: Research will be conducted in the areas of biosensing, drug delivery, and nanocrystal-based light sources. Interdisciplinary research will be conducted that spans the fields of biochemistry, optics, and materials science. Qualifications: We are looking for a self-motivated researcher with a strong initiative to take a leading role in the lab. The candidate should have expertise with surface chemistry and functionalization for the development of nanoscale biosensor and drug delivery devices. Familiarity with optical characterization and measurement techniques would be beneficial, as well. Please contact Professor Weiss for more information. 09/06/06
196. Paria, Bibhash C.

Experience in molecular biology and embryology. 04/10/06
197. DiBenedetto, Emmanuele

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
The Biomathematics Study Group at Vanderbilt invites applications for non tenure track positions, beginning in the Fall of 2005. Each position is a two-year appointment at the level of post-doctoral fellow or research assistant professor depending on qualifications of the applicant and may carry teaching duties. Successful applicants will participate in collaborative research with the members of the Biomathematics Study Group as well as scientists in life sciences and medicine at Vanderbilt, Topics include, but are not limited to, neuroscience, molecular biology and signal transduction, ligand-receptor binding problems, cellular kinetics, functional registration and imaging, growth of malignant tissues, computational biology and physiology and the mathematical modeling of medical procedures and devices. The applicants must have a doctorate in mathematics or a closely related area (e.g., computer science or physics) and a background in biology or medicine. Applictions and supporting material should be sent as a single mailing to: Biomathematics Study Group Department of Mathematics Vanderbilt University 1326 Stevenson Center Nashville, TN 37240 Please include an e-mail address, fax number and a research summary. Please do not send additional information (e.g., letters of recommendation) unless requested to do so. 10/20/04
198. Porter, Ned Allen

Organic Chemistry, Lipid Oxidation, Free Radical Chemistry 08/26/03