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Gannon, Maureen Anne , Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

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Phone Number: 615-936-2676

Email Address:maureen.gannon@Vanderbilt.Edu

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7425C MRBIV Langford

Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism 7425 MRBIV Langford 37232-0475

Research Keywords
Molecular genetics of pancreas development, organogenesis, morphogenesis, islet function, diabetes, transcription factors, pancreatic cancer,Cancer,Cell cycle,Developmental biology,Diabetes,Gene regulation,Knockout,Mouse,Mutation,Stem cells,Transcription factor

Research Description
The pancreas is essential for normal digestion and maintenance of blood sugar levels. We study the role of genes and signaling pathways involved in the development and function of specific cell types within the pancreas.

The HNF6 transcription factor is expressed in all pancreas cells early in embryonic development, but is "turned off" in islet cells just before birth in the mouse. We developed mice in which HNF6 is over-expressed or can be inactivated conditionally. These studies reveal that HNF6 is essential to generate the appropriate number of endocrine progenitor cells, but that it must get "turned off" in order for the insulin-producing cells to function properly. Current studies are examining how HNF6 interacts with other factors in the embryonic pancreas to regulate endocrine differentiation. Our studies also revealed that HNF6 is essential for normal growth and branching of the pancreatic ductal epithelium. In the absence of HNF6, pancreatic duct differentiation is impaired and the mice develop pancreatitis.

A second project in the lab examines the role of CTGF, a secreted factor known to modulate growth factor signaling and affect cell proliferation and migration in other organ systems. We found that loss of CTGF results in decreased embryonic islet beta cell proliferation and defective islet formation. We are using conditional gene inactivation and over-expression strategies to determine how CTGF affects islet development and function during embryogenesis and after transplantation. In addition, we are examining whether CTGF can enhance beta cell regeneration in adults after significant beta cell destruction.

Finally, the FoxM1 transcription factor is highly expressed in proliferating cells and is essential for normal cell division. We generated mice specifically lacking FoxM1 in the pancreas. In these mice, the number of insulin-producing cells fails to increase with body mass, resulting in diabetes. Significantly, we found that FoxM1 is required downstream of all proliferative stimuli in the insulin-producing beta cells. For example, the number of beta cells expands via mitosis when animals are fed a high fat diet, or during pregnancy. In FoxM1 mutants, this increase in mitosis does not occur and the animals become diabetic. Our current studies are aimed at characterizing the signaling pathways that activate FoxM1 expression and activity as well as identifying target genes of FoxM1 in the insulin-producing cells.

Clinical Interests

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