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Titze, Jens
Associate Professor of Medicine
Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

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Dahlmann, A, D??rfelt, K, Eicher, F, Linz, P, Kopp, C, M??ssinger, I, Horn, S, B??schges-Seraphin, B, Wabel, P, Hammon, M, Cavallaro, A, Eckardt, KU, Kotanko, P, Levin, NW, Johannes, B, Uder, M, Luft, FC, M??ller, DN, Titze, JM. Magnetic resonance-determined sodium removal from tissue stores in hemodialysis patients. Kidney Int, 87(2), 434-41, 2015.

Harrison, DG, Marvar, PJ, Titze, JM. Vascular inflammatory cells in hypertension. Front Physiol, 3, 128, 2012.

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