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Martin, Peter R. , M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Professor of Pharmacology

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Suite 3068, Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt

Suite 3068, Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt 1601 23rd Avenue South, 3rd Floor 37232-8650

Research Keywords
addiction, opioids, alcohol-induced brain injury, functional MRI, MR spectroscopy, pharmacogenomics, neuroscience

Research Specialty
molecular basis, diagnosis, and treatment of drug use disorders with an emphasis on substance-induced mental disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders

Research Description
Dr. Martin's research and scholarly interests include the molecular basis, diagnosis, and treatment of drug use disorders with an emphasis on substance-induced mental disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. This includes investigations of the molecular biology of thiamine; magnetic resonance spectroscopy and functional magnetic resonance imaging to elucidate the pathogenesis of addiction and alcohol-induced brain damage; the clinical pharmacology of addictive substances; pharmacogenomic factors in treatment of opioid dependence and psychiatric disorders during pregnancy.

Clinical Research Description
Dr. Martin's research and scholarly interests include the molecular basis, diagnosis, and treatment of drug use disorders with an emphasis on substance-induced mental disorders and co-occuring psychiatric disorders. This includes the clinical pharmacology of addictive substances and development of medications to use in the comprehensive pharmacopsychosocial treatment of addictive disorders.

Clinical Interests
Dr. Martin is interested in the role of alcohol and other drugs in the clinical presentation and course of human diseases--how they influence diagnosis and treatment in psychiatry and medicine. A specific interest is management of addiction and co-occurring other psychiatric disorders during pregnancy.

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