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Iverson, Tina M. , Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

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460 Robinson Research Building

460 RRB; Department of Pharmacology Vanderbilt University Medical Center 37232-6600

Research Keywords
x-ray crystallography, signaling, receptors, enzymes,Enzyme action,Ion transport,Membrane,Molecular medicine,Protein Structure,Receptor,Signal transduction,Structural Biology

Research Specialty
Structural basis for molecular recognition

Research Description
In humans, transmembrane signaling coordinates tissue and organ function. Inappropriate signaling is associated with numerous diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. All known transmembrane signaling processes require the formation of transient complexes between a membrane-spanning protein and an intracellular binding partner. These transient complexes are similar in some respects to transition states in chemical reactions, i.e. they are unstable, but essential for signaling to occur. Understanding the molecular details of these complexes is important for a complete view of biological signaling. To reveal how information is transferred across a membrane, we are performing x-ray crystallographic analysis of several model systems.

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