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1055D MRB IV (Office), 1035 MRB IV (Lab)

1030 MRB IV 2215 Garland Avenue 37232

Research Keywords
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Immunology Epithelial Biology,Signal transduction

Research Description
My lab focuses on understanding the mechanisms of inflammation specific to chronic ulcerative colitis (UC) with the goal of identifying novel targets for future treatment.

UC is a chronic inflammatory disease of the large intestine that afflicts 500,000 people in the United States, 18,000 of whom are children. Up to 30 percent of patients afflicted with this disease will need their colons surgically removed due to failed medical therapy.

UC is driven predominantly by Th2 and Th17 pathways of inflammation distinct from the Th1/Th17 pattern observed in Crohn's disease. Unfortunately, current medical therapy for US fails to address this distinction, as it is essentially the same as treatment for Crohn's Disease.

The Th2 cytokine IL-13 has been implicated as the primary cause of epithelial dysfunction UC. To better understand how IL-13 causes epithelial barrier dysfunction on a cellular level, we have focused on STAT6 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 6), a key transcription factor in the IL-13 signal transduction pathway.

Through studies with colon epithelial cells, mouse models of colitis, and human tissue, our lab is determining whether patients with UC have increased mucosal STAT6 phosphorylation and evaluating a role for STAT6 inhibition to prevent IL-13-induced epithelial dysfunction and induction of colitis in mouse models.

My research is supported by the Children's Digestive Health and Nutrition Foundation, the NIH-Funded Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center, and a Vanderbilt Physician Scientist Development Award.

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