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Flynn, Charles Robert , PhD
Assistant Professor of Surgery

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MRB IV Langford Hall 8465A

4303 Medical Center North; 2211 Garland Ave; 37232-2736

Research Keywords
Proteomics Lipidomics Cell and Molecular Biology,Diabetes,Mass spectroscopy,Phosphorylation

Research Description
My research program focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms contributing to obesity, insulin resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome. Contributory to the pathophysiology of these diseases are the many roles of adipose tissue, lipid metabolism, and the regulation of lipid droplet formation and trafficking. Obesity is a very important factor in the devlopment of diabetes. At present, the only treatment for morbid obesity proven to be consistently effective over the long term is bariatric surgery. Interestingly, the Type 2 Diabetes that is frequently a comorbidity in these patients, is resolved after surgery, frequently before weight loss occurs. The reasons for this are not known. We use powerful mass spectrometry-based lipidomics and proteomics techniques to profile human adipose and muscle biopsies acquired before and after dramatic weight loss. The relative expression changes of select lipids and proteins gleaned from these analyses are correlated with various clinical parameters and validated in model cell culture systems. The methodologies and approaches we use in cell culture are varied, but include stable isotopic labeling, live cell imaging, fluorescent protein and siRNA expression along with traditional biochemistry. The long term aim of our studies is to design cell permeable peptide and/or lipid mimetics of candidate markers identified through metabolic profiling that could be used in the restoration of desired metabolic phenotypes.

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