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Harrison, Fiona E , PhD
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7465 MRBIV 2213 Garland Avenue 37232-0475

Research Specialty
Antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, oxidative stress, animal behavior, learning and memory, Alzheimer's disease, prenatal development, neuroscience

Dixit, S, Bernardo, A, Walker, JM, Kennard, JA, Kim, GY, Kessler, ES, Harrison, FE. Vitamin C deficiency in the brain impairs cognition, increases amyloid accumulation and deposition, and oxidative stress in APP/PSEN1 and normally aging mice. ACS Chem Neurosci, 6(4), 570-81, 2015.

He, XB, Kim, M, Kim, SY, Yi, SH, Rhee, YH, Kim, T, Lee, EH, Park, CH, Dixit, S, Harrison, FE, Lee, SH. Vitamin C facilitates dopamine neuron differentiation in fetal midbrain through TET1- and JMJD3-dependent epigenetic control manner. Stem Cells, 33(4), 1320-32, 2015.

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Harrison, FE, Best, JL, Meredith, ME, Gamlin, CR, Borza, DB, May, JM, May, JM. Increased expression of SVCT2 in a new mouse model raises ascorbic acid in tissues and protects against paraquat-induced oxidative damage in lung. PLoS One, 7(4), e35623, 2012.

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Davies, SS, Bodine, C, Matafonova, E, Pantazides, BG, Bernoud-Hubac, N, Harrison, FE, Olson, SJ, Montine, TJ, Amarnath, V, Roberts, LJ. Treatment with a I?-ketoaldehyde scavenger prevents working memory deficits in hApoE4 mice. J Alzheimers Dis, 27(1), 49-59, 2011. PMCID:3289064

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Harrison, FE, Yu, SS, Van Den Bossche, KL, Li, L, May, JM, McDonald, MP. Elevated oxidative stress and sensorimotor deficits but normal cognition in mice that cannot synthesize ascorbic acid. J Neurochem, 106(3), 1198-208, 2008. PMCID:2575028

Reiserer, RS, Harrison, FE, Syverud, DC, McDonald, MP. Impaired spatial learning in the APPSwe + PSEN1DeltaE9 bigenic mouse model of Alzheimer''s disease. Genes Brain Behav, 6(1), 54-65, 2007.

Harrison, FE, Reiserer, RS, Tomarken, AJ, McDonald, MP. Spatial and nonspatial escape strategies in the Barnes maze. Learn Mem, 13(6), 809-19, 2006. PMCID:1783636

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