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Jayagopal, Ashwath , PhD
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Assistant Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

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Phone Number: 615-343-7851


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Office Address   Mailing Address

8010 Medical Center East, North Tower

8010 Medical Center East, North Tower 1215 21st Ave S. 37232-8808

Research Keywords
Nanotechnology, Imaging, Therapeutics, Ophthalmology, Vascular Biology, Vascular Medicine, Oncology

Research Specialty
Development of imaging and therapeutic strategies for ophthalmology, vascular medicine, and oncology

Research Description
The main objectives of Dr. Jayagopal's research are to develop disease-specific imaging and drug delivery agents, and to identify molecular targets accessible by these agents for clinical applications in ophthalmology, oncology, and vascular medicine. The laboratory primarily utilizes nanotechnology-based approaches to interface drugs and/or imaging agents with diseased cells and tissues.

Current projects include:

- Nanoscale engineering of imaging and drug delivery carriers for improved functional capabilities

- Improved targeting and efficacy of gene therapy strategies

- Development of intracellular targeting strategies for imaging and drug delivery

- Molecular imaging of the retina using optical imaging agents


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