Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Harrison, David G. , M.D.
Director Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Professor of Medicine
Professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Professor of Pharmacology
Betty and Jack Bailey Chair in Cardiology

Lab Url: N/A

Phone Number: 615-875-3049


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Office Address   Mailing Address

536 Robinson Research Building

2200 Pierce Avenue 536 RRB 37232-6602

Research Keywords
Vascular Biology; Hypertension

Research Specialty
Inflammation, hypertension, immune activation

Research Description
Our laboratory has been focused on understanding how inflammation, and in particular, the adaptive immune response contributes to hypertension. Several years ago, we found that T cells are essential for the development of hypertension. We have shown that various hypertensive stimuli, including angiotensin II, norepinephrine and DOCA-salt cause activation of T cells and leads to their accumulation in the perivascular fat and kidneys. Our data indicate that T cell-derived cytokines such as IL-17 and TNF-a enhance vasoconstriction and sodium retention, leading to the hypertensive phenotype. Central signals derived from the circumventricular organs contribute to T cell activation, and manipulation of signals from this region affect T cell activation and the eventual elevation in blood pressure caused by angiotensin II. We are attempting to understand mechanisms involved in T cell activation in response to hypertensive stimuli. We have recently shown that gamma-ketoaldehydes, or isoketals adduct to proteins in hypertensive mice and humans, and that these are immunogenic. These modified proteins seem to act as "auto-antigens" that promote dendritic cell and ultimately T cell activation in hypertension.

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