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Institute for Medicine & Public Health, 2525 West End Avenue, Sixth Floor

Institute for Medicine & Public Health, Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 37203-1738

Research Keywords
iron metabolism, hemochromatosis, genetic polymorphism, oxidative injury, genetic epidemiology, genomics, cancer risk and survival, chronic disease complications, HIV/AIDS, peripheral neuropathy, lipoatrophy, antiretroviral toxicity

Research Specialty
Iron-related genetic epidemiology of cancer risk, cancer survival, and chronic disease complications

Research Description
Dr. Asha Kallianpur is a physician-scientist and epidemiologist on the faculty of the Department of Medicine and Institute for Medicine & Public Health at Vanderbilt University. She is trained in Internal Medicine and Hematology, and her expertise includes: genetic disorders of iron metabolism such as hereditary hemochromatosis, oxidative injury, and the impact of variation in iron transport on chronic diseases and cancer. Her research team actively investigates the role of nuclear and mitochondrial genomic variation, including variation in iron transport, on breast and endometrial cancer etiology, cancer survival, and on chronic disease complications. With collaborators in Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, and Neuropathology, Dr. Kallianpur has studied the role of iron transport in chemotherapy toxicities and in antiretroviral drug-associated complications such as neuropathy and lipoatrophy, major problems for patients with cancer and HIV/AIDS, respectively, worldwide. The consistent theme of her iron-related translational work has been to develop the evidence base for interventions to improve clinical outcomes for patients with, or at risk for, cancer and other chronic conditions. Her ultimate goal is to translate accumulated knowledge about the relative risks and benefits of dietary and supplemental iron, into low-cost interventions for primary and secondary disease prevention.

Clinical Interests
Impact of iron deficiency and iron overload the clinical course of chronic diseases, benign hematology

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