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Brissova, Marcela , Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor of Medicine

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Brissova, M, Shostak, A, Fligner, CL, Revetta, FL, Washington, MK, Powers, AC, Hull, RL. Human Islets Have Fewer Blood Vessels than Mouse Islets and the Density of Islet Vascular Structures Is Increased in Type 2 Diabetes. J Histochem Cytochem, 63(8), 637-45, 2015.

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Dai, C, Brissova, M, Hang, Y, Thompson, C, Poffenberger, G, Shostak, A, Chen, Z, Stein, R, Powers, AC. Islet-enriched gene expression and glucose-induced insulin secretion in human and mouse islets. Diabetologia, 55(3), 707-18, 2012.

Reinert, RB, Kantz, J, Misfeldt, AA, Poffenberger, G, Gannon, M, Brissova, M, Powers, AC. Tamoxifen-Induced Cre-loxP Recombination Is Prolonged in Pancreatic Islets of Adult Mice. PLoS One, 7(3), e33529, 2012.

Luther, JM, Luo, P, Kreger, MT, Brissova, M, Dai, C, Whitfield, TT, Kim, HS, Wasserman, DH, Powers, AC, Brown, NJ. Aldosterone decreases glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in vivo in mice and in murine islets. Diabetologia, 54(8), 2152-63, 2011.

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Virostko, J, Radhika, A, Poffenberger, G, Chen, Z, Brissova, M, Gilchrist, J, Coleman, B, Gannon, M, Jansen, ED, Powers, AC. Bioluminescence imaging in mouse models quantifies beta cell mass in the pancreas and after islet transplantation. Mol Imaging Biol, 12(1), 42-53, 2008.

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