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Summar, Marshall L. , M.D.
Adjoint Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

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1175 MRB IV

1175J MRB IV Center for Human Genetic Research / Program in Translational Genetics 37232-0007

Research Keywords
urea cycle, mutation, carbamyl phosphate synthetase, nitric oxide, glutathione, mapping, polymorphism, Enzyme action, Gene regulation, Gene therapy, Genetics, Genome, Genomics, Human Genetics, Molecular medicine, Mutation, Physiology, Polymorphism, Protein structure,Apoptosis,Biochemistry,Cardiac function,Chromatin,Chromosome,DNA synthesis,Enzyme action,Gene regulation,Gene therapy,Genetics,Genome,Genomics,Heart,Human Genetics,Molecular medicine,Mutation,Polymorphism,Protein Structure,Pulmonary,Recombination,RNA editing,Transcription,Translation

Research Description
The key focus of my laboratory is the exploration of functional polymorphisms in rate-limiting enzymes in biochemical processes and their effects under environmental stress (Enviromentally Determined Genetic Expression, E.D.G.E.) . This work started with carbamyl phosphate synthetase I (CPSI), which controls flow through the hepatic urea cycle. We have found changes in this enzyme which affect the availability of downstream products such as citrulline and arginine. These molecules are the precursors for nitric oxide synthesis. We have found effects of these CPSI polymorphisms and altered urea cycle flow in a number of groups including: bone marrow transplant recipients, neonates developing persistent pulmonary hypertension, post-cardiac surgery patients, and normal patients tested with bradykinin. We are also exploring polymorphisms we have identified in the enzyme complex controlling glutathione production (gamma-glutamyl cysteine synthetase, GCLC and GCLR subunits). With our collaborators, we are looking at effects of these in the groups listed above as well as Alzheimer?s patients, Hepatitis C patients, and sickle cell anemia (with an ethnic specific GCLC poly). With Dr. Nancy Brown we have found a number of polymorphisms in the enzyme processing bradykinin, dipeptidyl pepditase IV (DPPIV). We are studying the effects of this in patients developing angioedema with blood pressure medications. With Dr. Paul Moore we are examining the role of polymorphisms in beta-adrenergic receptors on patients with asthma in relation to their responsiveness to treatment. With Dr. Asha Kallianpur, we have examined the role of changes in iron storage (referred to as hemochromatosis) in bone marrow transplantation and in the causes of breast cancer. With Drs. Arnold Strauss, Kong Chen, and Naji Abumrad, we are examining the nature and role of polymorphisms in fatty acid oxidation and their role in fatty liver injury. These projects interlock in many ways and this has led to a collaborative group at Vanderbilt called the E.D.G.E. group. This work has led to a collaborative intervention project between myself and Dr. Christman to explore the introduction of urea cycle intermediates in bone marrow transplant patients to prevent hepatic veno-occlusive disease as well as a clinical trial of urea cycle intermediates in post-cardiac surgery patients.
My laboratory has continued our original work on the molecular defects and normal structure/function of human CPSI. Our laboratory determined the genomic structure of this enzyme and serves as the only international referral laboratory for determining the molecular defects in patients with CPSI deficiency (CPSID). We have created expression constructs for this enzyme which we have shared with a number of investigators. We are also using these vectors to test the kinetic/stability effects of our CPSI polymorphisms and CPSID missense mutations. Our work with CPSI deficiency is now focusing on the large number of RNA processing defects we have found in our mutation analysis. These include a number of changes resulting in intron retention and RNA degradation. With Dr. Angela Eeds and Wade-Martin?s, we have built a bacterial artificial chromosome system with eukaryotic episomal replication for the study of genetic changes affecting RNA editing, protein structure, and promoter elements. We have used the model to study RNA processing defects leading to nonsense mediated decay.

Clinical Research Description
We have a multi-center collaborative project looking at the long term outcome of patients with rare inborn errors of metabolism involving the urea cycle. We also are investigating the role of ammonia or nitrogen scavenging drugs (phenylacetate and phenylbutyrate) developed for urea cycle disorders in more common clinical diseases involving liver dysfunction which also lead to hyperammonemia.
In collaboration with Dr. Rick Barr, pediatric critical care, we are examining the role of introducing nitric oxide precursor (citrulline) into pediatric cardiac surgery patients to modify the incidence of post-surgical pulmonary hypertension. With the neonatology group we are planning a project to examine the role of nitric oxide precursor (citrulline) in infants with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.
With our collaborator Dr. Brian Christman, we are conducting an intervention trial with patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation to offset the treatment related complications using biochemical intermediates. With Dr. Heidi Smith, we are looking at measures of oxidant injury in patients undergoing cardiac surgery as they relate to exposure to oxygen and other surgery related factors. With Dr. Nancy Brown we are looking at genetic and biochemical markers of angioedema risk in patients on anti-hypertensive therapy. With Dr. Paul Moore we are looking at genetic risk factors to response to beta agonists.


Clinical Interests
Processes involving nitrogen metabolism. Hepatic encephalopathy. Use of nitrogen scavengers. Oxidant injury in severe clinical situations. Down Syndrome research and aging.

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