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Chiang, Chin , Ph.D.
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

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4110 Medical Research Building 3

4114, MRB3 37232-8240

Research Specialty
Hedgehog signaling in development and cancer

Research Description
Our research focuses on the role Sonic hedgehog signaling plays in the pathogenesis of the two most common types of pediatric cancers, soft tissue sarcomas and brain tumors. We study the tumor cells-of-origin, initiation and propagation. In addition, we are also interested in identifying tumor biomarkers and compounds that inhibit their growth. We use state of the art approaches that include stem cell manipulation, molecular genetics, orthotopic grafting, proteomics, genome-wide RNA sequencing and CHIP.

Another area of interest is to understand how the complex brain circuitry is established from a rather small number of neural stem cells. We study signaling pathways that regulate brain stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

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